Monday, 8 July 2013

It was...strangely unceremonious

The alarms are going off now.  WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!  Super eerie.  It's hard to get used to those things...
I decided to write my email first this week before answering all my friends.  But diggety dang it, there's always something to do on a computer.  This week was downloading the special missionary broadcast they have.  I'm curious to watch it.
Well, I gave my first District Meeting.  It was...strangely unceremonious.  After all the numbers, announcements and introductions were done, I only had 15 minutes to deliver what I wanted to say.  "Uh.  You guys are doing great.  Work with members.  Do it."  Gee, I think I can handle this whole district leader thing after all.
So this week got totally exploded.  We got a call Tuesday evening.  "Ah!  Elders, District Leaders are now supposed to get their licenses and Elder Wiscombe has to get his legality.  We're going to Belgium tomorrow." Uh, what?  Ker-whisked away!  Schwoom!
So that evening we stayed over in Amsterdam.  Keep track now.  Monday was Den Helder, Tuesday Amsterdam.  We're up to two cities.
So then on Wednesday, we went on a million-hour trip in the mission van with Elders Christensen, Huff (both in the office), Douglas, Mower, Wiscombe and I.  It was crazy fun.  We went to this crazy thing called the Antonium.  It's like a gigantor statue of 4 or 5 balls stuck together with tubes.  You bet your bottom there were more than enough jokes made about that.  Ahem.  But yeah, we shelled out some cash to go walk through them.  Seriously, this thing was like, 120 feet tall or so.  I got some fantastic pictures.  One room made the entire thing worth it.  It was all dark except for this big ol' ball suspended in the middle.  Crazy shapes crawled their way across it, projected by...projectors.  There was a low beat humming through the room and whenever something interesting happened in the music, lights would flare all around.  It was crazy.  You bet your bottom again I got a video.  You'll get to see it later.  I could have spent forever in that room.  Super relaxing.
Then we finally made it to the huge legality...building in Brussel (close to Leuven!) and tried to get my license.  Now, usually, an American simply has to show his Amercian license and his Belgium legality card, and they give him his international license.  It would have been the same, but apparently, they only accept 4 provinces in Canada--British Columbia not being one of them.  AAAARRGG!  So instead I have to take 2 tests to get it.  I probably won't do that though.  Not really worth it.  Plus, they switched a law in Belgium, so we'll have to go back again to get Elder Wiscombe's legality.  Dang it.
So that night, we came back and slept over in Alkmaar, because the next day we had to return again.  Yep, that's city number 3 we slept in.  So on Thursday, I waited around in the office forever for the Den Haag Elders to come pick me up.  Luckily, Elder Pitts was also waiting and we had some Nerf Guns so it wasn't so bad.  Still, we were there a while.  Eventually, the Den Haag elders came and got me (they had forgotten) and we swung back there and had an appointment.  Elder Wiscombe came back late in the evening and we slept over in Den Haag.
Ding ding ding!  City number four.  We have a winner!
I considered going on exchanges the next day to hit city 5, but decided that was a bad idea.
Despite only working like, 2 days in Den Helder, we had a really good week.  We had a lot of appointments with Anita.  Unfortunately, she's kind of plateaued right now, but we'll be working closer with her.
We also got two new investigators!  A guy born in Russia and his girlfriend. They're both Christrian and promised us to read the Book of Mormon.  We committed them to a soft baptismal invitation and everything!  Super awesome.
Oh, also, I gave a 20 minute talk in Sacrament this Sunday.  That talk you sent me came in handy.  With some major adjustments and translation, it turned out quite well actually.  Thanks.
Well, off to another week!
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burges

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