Monday, 24 June 2013

Going by ferry is super relaxing

I'm getting sick.  It stinks.  I've never blown my nose more in my life.  Ooo!  I've gone through 2 toilet paper rolls.  I was sneezing so hard, a dog started barking at me.  Did I mention that already?  I'm fighting the flu right now.  I had to visit the toilet a lot yesterday.  Nothing projectile is coming out the front end yet, but I'm worried it will soon...
This week went better.  It did.   We have a new person with a baptismal date.  She's from Venezuela.  How do you spell that?  Anyways, she's super open to investigate and wants to come to church some time.  She lives super close to a member, and he invited to drive her there one day.  Whew!  She's got a hectic schedule, so we'll see when she can make it.
Anita is doing very well.  She's getting excited for baptism and is almost done with smoking.  We made some posters and hung them around her house and showed her friends, saying that she's trying to quit so they can't smoke inside or give her cigarettes.  We're very excited for her.  And she came to church!
We went to Texel this week to visit our good friend who owns a restaurant!  Going by ferry is super relaxing.  All the seagulls flock the boat, screeching and snatching anything that people throw overboard.  I wonder what would happen if you threw a baby......awful thought.
The island itself is gorgeous.  It's officially on the list of places to visit.  I would love to visit our friend and eat at his fancy smancy restaurant too!  That would be so cool.  He's got some...interesting opinions about religion and has been inactive for longer than I've lived, but with some coaxing, we committed him to read the Book of Mormon.  We'll see.
Katie is doing great too.  We're going to go by this week and eat some African food and have Family Home evening.
As far as Elder Wiscombe goes...
He's a shorter fellow and loves singing.  He kind of reminds me of a Lee.  And of course we talk about video games!  All the classics too.  One of our combined favourites is Banjo-Kazooie.  Awesome game.
So many emails to answer, sorry!
Life as a District Leader is new.  Well, hardly.  It basically means I have to call people a bunch and make sure everybody is following the rules.  Most of the time, I enjoy calling people.  It's more difficult if you're super tired and fighting the flu.
Things have been going a bit slow with finding lately.  There's nobody on the streets!  We're going to shift gears and focus more on the members. That's where we see the most success anyway.
Bummer about the ________.  Taking a 'break' from the church when anything bad happens is the complete opposite of what you should do--especially if you have children.  You need the church--the spirit that is there and especially the Sacrament.  It's so important to take the sacrament.  I can't stress it enough.
Good for Adam!  Tell him, good for you, Adam!
Well, that's all for today.  Sorry, I'm not feeling so hot...
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

Den Hagg Zone training ~ May 16th
 Lunch is served in the hallway of the Leiden Church.  This should bring back fond memories to many, many missionaries!

 Elder Wright, Elder Burgess and Sister Larson

 Sometimes, it never ends! Elder Burgess, Elder Huff, Elder Giles

Elder Christensen and Elder Burgess
Elder Burgess, Elder Giles
Elder Suckow, Elder Giles, Elder Burgess

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  1. Oh man, going to Texel for your mission, that's great!

    I totally google-fu'd you after Elder Stanley told me to check out your books. I'm enjoying your blog. It's great to read about your adventures in Holland. Keep up the good work!

    Also, judging by those photos, missionaries are mad. Just sayin'.