Monday, 22 July 2013

Staying positive, eating 4 kilos of popcorn.

Emails are shorter and shorter? It's because every week I have less and less time! Fifteen minutes? Fingers, don't fail me now. This week was a bit slow. I keep saying we have to work with the members, but I'm not quite sure how actually. I've decided to hand the reigns over to Elder Wiscombe (who's from Utah by the way), because he seems to have more experience in that regard. We met with our Russian friend and his girlfriend this week. They are super awesome and positive. They got a kitten last week and it is adorable. All paws and sharp things. You put your hand anywhere near there and it's like being hugged by a cactus. So adorable. We also visited our good friend Lot Fi. I don't know if you know him? He's super funny. He's got the greatest expressions ever. He's a bit sad, so it does him good to have a visit. Something stinks in this room. On a light note, I fixed my old race bike. 4 shops declared it dead, but I took her hips apart and discovered she just needs a minor replacement. So I swung by the store and 11 Euros and an hour later, she was up and walking. There were some kinks, but now all the soreness is worn out and she's running like a charm. It says Champion along her back, so that'll be her name. High ho Champion, AWAAAAAY!!! MIRACLE! So somebody passed us last week and asked if we had a pamphlet for him. It totally caught me off guard. I offered a book, but to my surprise, he said he already had one given to him by his grandma. We saw it later by the way, it was one of the 1968 editions (yipes!). But he took the card and promised to call us. Aw. Dang. There goes that fish. BUT THEN HE DID. Ah-whaaa? Yep, he called us later in the week--because he promised of course--and told us he would be coming to church that sunday. Ah-whaaa? We saw him saturday and he said, "tot morgen!" BUT THEN HE DID. He was actually there before us. He stayed for the full 3 hours and loved it too! He told Elder Wiscombe later that he's trying to decide between our church and another to join. Time to pray. We'll be seeing him this week. It's vacation time now. We have about 6 names on our list to look up that say, "come back in August." Dangit. GUESS WHAT! It's transfers this Wednesday. Yup, should have told you. Maar vrees niet and wees niet bevreesd (but fear not and do not be afraid), I'm staying! Yay! I'm pretty excited actually. Elder Wiscombe was really excited. I think he likes serving with me. Cool. Looks like I'll be here for 6 months then. Can you believe that? My district also changed. I'll now be in charge of Den Helder, Alkmaar (who became new zone leaders--they made a new zone!), the Leiden office Elders and Heerlen zusters (sisters). Should be interesting. I'm kind of chapped that I don't get to work with the previous district anymore. I really loved them. Oh well. New challenge, ho! We went back to Callantsoog, Elder Wiscombe's favourite place. We went to visit a member and they invited us in their beautiful house, then we came along to have pizza at a fancy smancy restaurant downtown with yet another family. It was so good. Afterwards, we got gourmet ice cream at this giant ice cream parlour. Seriously some of the best ice cream ever. That was a fun day. Staying positive, eating 4 kilos of popcorn, flying like the wind. What could be better? Tot volgende keer, Elder Burgess

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