Monday, 29 July 2013

He'll get a spiritual witness in no time and then wham.

Well yeah. Yeah yeah. It was a long week. Summer vacation is in full force now. Which is bad news for missionary work here in Den Helder. I'll spare you the gory, zombie-gut-wrenching details, but we did a lot of finding this week. But some great things happened this week! Our dear friend... Well, by the way, there's been a new rule passed that says we aren't allowed to sent the names of the people we're working with. So you'll just have to sort of figure out who I'm talking about. Our dear friend who ran into us and came to church last week also came to a movie night at church on Friday. We watched the Other Side of Heaven. We were worried that we wouldn't have the chance to go to the movie, but our dear friend saved our butts. He really enjoyed it and it was a great movie. It seemed to actually spur my companion for the better as well, so it was fun. A heartwarming tale. Not only that, but we invited our friend to dinner Sunday evening and he came to that too! Holy Moses, he's so positive. We shared the Restoration lesson and suggested a date to work towards and he was very excited. "That's awesome, yeah! That's great. Is this really something that can happen? Really something I can work towards? Yes, I'll do it!" Woo! I have no doubt he'll get a spiritual witness in notime and then wham. All the blessings of the gospel will be his. Otherwise, we're having a hard time finding investigators and keeping them. Our pals with the big dog have been flaky lately. I hate it when we go over and people say, "Oh yeah, we'd love to meet! Send us a text later and we'll arrange something." IF YOU EVER ANSWER!. Gyarg! But meh. Aha, but we had a bunch of fun this week. Daddy-O's suggestion to reward good behaviour came in handy and we set a goal and reward one day for contacting 35 people on the street. Elder Wiscombe's reward was McDonald's (he eats nothing but garbage). Mine was icecream or something, I can't remember. But anydoodle, we headed off to an area with 25 people left to contact and only about 2 or less hours. So we quickly made up a game. If we didn't contact somebody in 7 minutes, we had to knock some doors. Everytime we talked to somebody, the timer would reset. Plus, we had to do a different contact everytime, asking a different question or using an object. So far, peopple have learned about the gospel via a lighter, an orange, an umbrella, shoes and a few other things. Oh man, it was a blast. We had some pretty embarassing contacts--but it was okay! We didn't dwell on the bad and kept pushing on. We even got a few positive potential people out of it. The most positive person of the day lived in another city out of our area, arg, but that's okay. Also, we said a small prayer on Saturday because we weren't sure what to do. It had been a while since we met with Anita, so we swung over there and 4 interesting things happened. 1, Anita's sour daughter is getting sent off to girl boot-camp, 2 her son finished 1 Nephi, 3 an inactive member is dating Anita's other daughter and the two are interested in joining in on the lessons and 4, Anita gave us 2 referrals. Wham! It was a super miracle, because now we know where to put our focus. Win! Well, I'm not sure what else to say. We are indeed working more with the members. We'll see what happens there. We want to get more involved with one of the young men specifically. He wants to organize a soccer match with some of his friends and us. Seems like a good opportunity. Oh, also, we played volleyball last monday. It was awesome. Except some old guy was there, trying to tell us how to have fun. He was super annoying. He announced at one point that nobody was allowed to serve more than three times in a row. It happened to be mine turn as he said this, and despite him, I served a fourth time and we kept playing. Wham. It seems like I have less time to focus on myself lately. According to my Daddy-O, that's a good thing. Gee, I sure hope so. I suppose he's right after all. But no focus on myself means no thinking about dragons. Snarl. Oh, and this will come off as strange. One of the sisters in the district likes half the video games I like, and another likes the other half. I'm worried... (not really) Tot volgende keer, Elder Burgess


  1. Hey Elder Burgess! So I found your missionary blog via a search for the Belgium mission. I'm trying to find a way to connect with the missionaries out in Belgium. My brother and I are going to be visiting this September. He just finished at BYU and I finished at the U of Utah. He served in Ukraine but doesn't know much about getting around Belgium.

    Feel free to delete this comment if you feel your breaking mission rules. My email is My name is Kevin Despain. I live out here in Salt Lake, Utah.

    merci and bedankt

  2. I am Evan's mom - - I maintain his blog. I will forward your comment to him.