Monday, 8 July 2013

It was kind of a derp moment

Hmm, no letter from Mom. I guess she finally stopped loving me. Gee, I've been trying my best for years. Well, we sort of hit rock bottom this week. I've been trying to increase my finding skills, but we aren't seeing any results. We're only working with one or two people this week. Anita has made it pretty clear that she's not ready for baptism. Sigh. I'm not sure what to do. On the bright side though, Elder Wiscombe and Elder Stoddard found a super positive person when they went to Texel the other day. She let them right in and they shared a quick message about the Book of Mormon. We're heading there wednesday for another appointment. I don't know. I guess the hot weather has finally hit. In this city, the people that don't leave right away chill at the beach, at the festival or remain inside 500 square metres of the centrum. The streets are dead empty. It's eerie actually. Doors are empty too. It's so clear we need to start working with members to get the job done. It was kind of a derp moment when we talked to a family on Sunday and they said, "Gee, we want to do missionary work but we're not sure how!" That's our job to teach them, dangit. Off we go! Buuut we have a bunch of plans, schemes and ideas to pick up the work. Number one is designing a system to keep track of which members need to be visited. The plan is to meet with every active person at least every 3 weeks. Anybody can afford that. Also, we're coming up with some ideas to have fun. Aha, a member gave us some vla on Sunday. Vla is like pudding, but then...thinner? I'm not sure. It's a smash of pudding mixed with whup cream. But eat it with whup cream. We happen to have some whupcream back home. I want some vla now. ANYDOODLE, the Keuters gave us some vla and I shoved it in my backpack. We started walking around a super rich part of town and I suggested to do some Vla contacting. To my surprise, Elder Wiscombe agreed and snatched the Vla and knocked on a door. "Hallo," said he, "we're sharing a message that's sweet, and delicious--like vla!" Oh diddely it was an adventure. One lady opened the door all excited. "Oh," she said, "I was expecting visitors." "Well," was my reply, "We brought some vla." "What? Vla? What in the world are you doing with vla? Why would you fellows just have vla with you?" I kind of shrugged and laughed. She still doesn't know why. We then used it to contact somebody on the street. After doing a super corny vla-gospel comparison, she just raised a brow at me. "Is this a joke?" she asked--in English. I shrugged. "Yeah, sort of. We do this all the time and sometimes it gets boring. So, to make things exciting, we do something creative and strange once in a while. It gets us talking and it's fun." She had to laugh. We actually shared a super cool conversation and everything. She hinted that she was searching for the truth too, but her stinker husband would be against meeting with us. Blast! so close BUUUUT, a few doors later, we met a super cool guy. If I would have thought about the situation even a little bit, it would have been too strange. Two young men, holding a bottle of vla, trying to teach the gospel to a shirtless buff guy. Uh, okay. He turned out to be super cool too. His Daddy is a member or something and he was down to getting a Book of Mormon and for us returning in a few days. Wha? Yeah. Thanks vla, thanks. It's clear to see that as you enjoy the work and keep your thoughts away from doubts, the Spirit will lead you and touch the hearts of those you talk with. I hope we'll be able to come up with more activities. so far on the list of things to use: a yo-yo, a small raptor figure, masking tape, a rubik's cube and a guy in a jar. Adventures, AWAY!! Hopefully things will turn around soon. Summers finally here and she's pounding at the doors. It's toasty outside. Den Helder is literally the best place to be during the summer though. By the coast, it doesn't get especially hot and the evenings are always cool. Staying over at other apartments last week made me realize how hot it is out there in the real world. Woo! Count your blessings. Loves! tot volgende keer, Elder Burgess ps ~ "I did send a letter.....he did not recieve it." :)

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