Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fluffy bunny finding, for the win.

You sit down at the computer and think, "Okay, I've got plenty of time," and play to email your parents last. 2 emails later, you finally start emailing home and you glance at the clock. 10 MINUTES?! Fly like the wind, boys! ZZZZWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM! This week was interesting. There, done. Woo! But really. Did we mention our bestest new friend is a farmer? I'll call him farmerman, or something similar. Gee, farmerguy is the coolest. He called us this week to set up an appointment. He said something like, "So you guys wanted to come over and talk about my baptism?" "Yes, we want to make a plan so that you're ready when the day comes." "Awesome, seems like a good idea. We'll meet at the church in 2 days." Whammy. This guy is so golden he shines. I thought he was indeeed a gold farmer when I first met him. No, he kweekt...farms tulips. And rents his land for camping and stuff. Love him! So I got to go back to dear ol' Leiden the other day on exchanges. It was a weird experience for several reasons. Weird in a good way. It was first off cool to just be in the city. Man oh mighty I love that place. Second, Khalid called while we were there. I can't really disclose anything, but he's doing well. The phone was choppy, so we couldn't talk that long. Also, the streets were PACKED. Polar opposite of Den Helder. We were strolling around, talking to some friendly people when we spotted a furry thing coming towards us. Was it a fluffily kitty? Nope. A puppy? Nope. A BUNNY! This thing was ninety percent fluff. It stopped close by so Elder Huff and I tried to see if we could touch it. Before you knew it, were were taking pictures of either one of us holding this thing. So adorable. A young lady strolled over and asked if we were having fun with her rabbit. Oh yeah. We were soon talking about missionary stuff and we offered a book of Mormon, but she offered for us to come chill by her friend. So, in the cool of the late day, we sat down on some grass and basically taught the Restoration to these two young people. The guy was super excited and said that their friend would also love to hear what we share. We walked away with his number, email and a promise for dinner in two weeks with all four people living in their apartment flat. Diddely. Fluffy bunny finding, for the win. Also, there seems to be this strange pattern where I suggest something wild to do while contacting, and Elder Wiscombe says, "Let's do it." Wha? You know that goofy thing where somebody tucks thier arms around their back and somebody else stands close behind and sticks their arms under their armpits, so that it looks like the arms of the one behind are the arms of the one ahead? Yep, we did that while knocking doors. Three people asked us to come back later. Probably the single most goofy contact EVER. It was exciting. Also, we found another friend this week! She's named after a flower. We found her bike contacting. We met her a few days later on a bench and shared the first lesson. She's super friendly and super awesome. At first, she wanted to give us our book back, but at the end, she promised to do her best to read it. We walked over to the church afterwards and she got to see it. Gee, time's a winding down, isn't it? Can you believe I've only got until November? Gee. That's just around the corner. I wonder if I can still do NaNoWriMo (National write a novel month) with only half the month left. Expect to see nothing of me for the latter end of November. I'll have a lot of catching up to do. Well, tiddely dee. Tot volgende week, Elder Burgess. **I read about the crash in Spain in the newspaper. Some Dutch person wrote a comment in the newspaper opinion section that said something like, "If a train crash occurs, it's considered a disaster. But tell me this, if a truck filled with pigs going to the slaughterhouse crashes, it's considered a traffic accident. We should care more about animals!" Dutch people are sometimes ridiculous, I tell you. They love animals too much. They had another one about the running of the bulls. "It's barbaric and insane. But what about the bulls? We should care more about animals!" Oh, ho, silly Dutch people. **Elder Wiscombe's rear tire exploded. Well, it went flat. The front tire literally did explode. Bike repairs, HO!

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