Monday, 26 August 2013

It was just what I needed

Anyway.... Life is certainly different with the Zone leaders. I now get to see a little bit more of the 'business' side of things. I'm not sure if this week crawled by or flew by. I think it just kind of sat in the back of a car and let it be carried by. Oh wait, that's me. The Zone leaders here had a lot of things to regelen...uh. Regelen? Arrange! Yep, they had a lot to arrange and of course I tagged along. We probably drove for like, 6 hours this week. I don't complain, but I'd rather be out on a bike talking and teaching. What must be done must be done, eh? Elder Douglas is familiar to me. Soft fuzzy dome and a big heart. He was in the MTC with me actually, so we already knew each other. Elder van Komen is a bigger guy. Baseball player. He has a very strong personality, but strives to learn more and to have the Spirit with him. So big physically as well as spiritually. Both of these goofs like to have those fake kind of arguments. It reminds me of Elder Giles and I. If you didn't know better, you might think they hate each other. There is a lot of gas passed and a lot of laughs had. Huh? Was that out loud? This week we went down to Amsterdam to work with the Elders there. I had the fine opportunity to work with Elder Burton back in Den Helder too. I love that guy. It was awesome to be able to say, "We're Canadians and we're talking about..." Ah. Canada. Also, at one point it was Elder Burton, Taylor, Douglas, Mower and I all in the apartment. We were all at the MTC together. Oh diddely it was so awesome to see and work with Elder Mower again. We listened to one of our favourite Christmas albums and shared memories of Leuven. It was just what I needed. Yeah, I'm not going to lie, I've been in what the Sisters in Haarlem called a "poopy-feeling-funk", but being with all these great people has helped me come out of it. Also, we went back to one of our 'fun ladies' in Schagen. Turns out she's the mother of a certain Karin Bloemen (a super-famous Dutch singer). Anyway, she had read 20 pages in the Book of Mormon and had all sorts of questions. We answered them graag and encouraged her to keep reading. I wasn't expecting to have an 80-year-old progressing investigator ever. Still, she's really coming along. Otherwise, we haven't really met with anybody else this week. Oh, a young girl was baptized in Den Helder. The daughter of family Jobst, who loves Canada. It was a good service. I brought Elder Christensen, who was my district leader back in Leuven, with me. It was a miracle he came because he was able to play the piano and made the service that much better. It was a good time. Then, I talked about Halo with the Jobst's son. Halo. Mmm. SORRY I didn't get Mom anything. I'll buy her a months. I guess I can get Dad a waffle too. You should have gotten that theme shirt Dad. Aha, it would have been so funny! YOU GOT A NEW CAR?! What happen to the Jetta? Also, Katie is doing well. I promised her we'd come by some time when you guys pick me up. She's looking forward to that. ALSO, some time along the way, I picked up a prepaid phone card. I can pick up a used phone for dirt cheap and use the SIM card to make some calls while we're out and about. Hopefully we'll be able to meet all my best friends! I hope so. Diddely do. Nothing else to say. Thanks to everybody who wrote me! I appreciate it! To all my Blog followers, thanks for being blog followers! Loves. Tot volgende keer, Elder Burgess

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