Monday, 19 August 2013

An interesting twist

Well. Well. Yep. Yep. I'm not sure where to begin. So this week Elder Wiscombe and I went contacting in Schagen. We knocked on a door and noticed the person had the same last name as 'farmerfriend'. So, after the owner answered and said "not interested" we asked if he was a relative of 'farmerfriend'. He said yep and promptly closed the door. Pretty innocent interaction, right? Apparently not. We got a call from 'farmerfriend' the next morning and he doesn't want to meet with us anymore. Wham. He even went to a JoVo camp and really enjoyed it. I talked with somebody who had spoken to him about the camp and the person said that 'farmerfriend' has an interesting relationship with his family. So we had hit a heartstring that was better unstrung. I think perhaps this was a really roundabout way for the Lord to say, "Listen guys, you're going to fast with him. Slow down." Yep. Got the message loud and clear. He still wants to come to church once and a while, but for the next while, he doesn't want to meet with us, the missionaries. I think he thinks we're too extreme or something. Bummer! I miss him already. On the plus side, we met with two fun ladies this week. We brought a member who served his mission in Canada as well to our appointment. He was a great joint teach. Both the ladies were fun and bubbly and willing to learn more. We'll see what comes of them. Both rooted pretty strong in what they already believe... We actually saw a fair amount of success this week as far as making new friends. We knocked on a door in the evening, a lady answered. We offered a Book of Mormon, but she told us she wasn't religious. I asked her simply if she believed in something and she hesitated, then saying that she wasn't sure, I testified that God exists and loves us. Elder Wiscombe then slam-diddely-ed her by saying you could find help and answers in the Book of Mormon. We had a laugh saying how God could visit us, but not...physically. Cracked a few jokes about him coming and knocking on the door. Still, she took a Book of Mormon. She kind of looked at it then asked, "so you just give this away? Just like that?" I explained that we do indeed give it away without 'strings attached' but that we would prefer to come by and explain it a bit more. She agreed and excitedly said she will read it that very evening! Woo. Cool lady. Not much heard from 'tattoodaddy' or 'flower-named-lady'. Also... Elder Wiscombe was transferred early due to medical complications. I've been temporarily placed with the Zone Leaders, Elders Douglas and van Komen in Alkmaar until the end of the transfer. Half my things are still in Den Helder and there is work to be done there, so we'll be travelling back and forth periodically. An interesting twist. The chances therefore, of me staying in Den Helder for 5 transfers jumped really high. I don't think they're about to send 2 new Elders there, so I'm expecting to stay. Huh. Unfortunately, that does indeed mean that work in Den Helder is going to take a significant setback. The members were disappointed, but they understood. I'm going to miss them. Well. I think that sums up everything. It's raining katten en honden (cats and dogs) here and we were going to have a sport P-day today. Hmm. I've got some dice, so we might do dice instead. Jam jam. Diddely-do. Tot volgende keer, Elder Burgess

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