Monday, 3 June 2013

Good news/bad news and some bodily complaints

Twyla's getting married?  Her email didn't say anything about that, did it?
Today's email will start off with bodily complaints.
Number one, I think I have a kink in my shoulder now.  Gee, I sound like Dad, don't I?  At least it's been a year already before I've decided to mention anything.  Gee, maybe that's a bad thing.  Anyway, I hope it's just a kink and will work its way out or something. Secretly, I'm hoping I'll have to have a triple XL bypass or something and they'll have to replace it with a robot shoulder.  Get some cannons installed while they're at it.
Also, about two or so weeks ago, I totally tripped on a dumbbell while we were shooting each other with Nerf Guns.  I smashed my toe like a...something...that smashes a lot and it still hurts.  Again, I'm hoping a massive surgery and robots will be involved.  Maybe just some neosporin.
So as you may or may not know, Katie is getting baptized next week!  Which brings us to the good news and the bad news.  Good news: she's for totally ready.  She came to church and was just gobbled up by the Branch when they heard she was getting baptized.  They hugged her and a dozen people were chatting with her.  She went and had a talk with the Branch President to solidify some details.  She came to dinner last night via an invitation by a family--the Keuters--and talked our ears off.  Holy Moses is she funny. She has some outrageous stories too.  She used to live by an army base and all their old bombs started blowing up, shooting the other bombs everywhere and killing all sorts of people.  Through miraculous means, nobody was inside her house at the time--when she came home, the place with filled with bombs that had been thrown through the air!  Her husband started collecting them until a bomb squad showed up and carefully removed them.  Oh wow.
But for shizzle.  She is totally going to get baptized.  We are super duper stoked for it too.  That's the good news.
The bad news is that her boys baptism is going to be delayed.  We were going to have to push their date back anyway because they haven't come to church, but then Papa called.  He gave Katie permission to be baptized, but not the boys, saying things like we were trying to brainwash them and turn them against him and bleh.  He said that the boys needed to know what they were getting into before they just went up and joined something.  Which, actually, we had to agree on.  It is certainly no end to Katie's boys journey.  It simply means they will be baptized later--which in itself was a roundabout miracle.  Their date had to be moved anyway.  Wham.
Our good friend Anita Boutee came to church too!  Holy man.  After a week of church focus in our lessons and calling her every 10 minutes the day before Sunday, she finally came!  Woo!  She loved it too.  She was laughing and smiling and talking with Katie.  It was fantastic.  Some people (don't matter who) thought it would be better to drop Anita B, but her coming to church showed them, didn't it?  I mean, Christlike attributes are great.  Like being correct.
Seriously though, Elder Giles and I prayed to know whether we should continue teaching Anita, despite the advice of others.  We were both impressed to indeed continue helping her.  Christ never gave up on his disciples.  Neither will we.
Plus we met with her son, a 16 year old, talented individual.  Quiet but clever.  His momma keeps instructing him to meet with us to gain confidence and happiness and he's finally doing so.  Cool!
Things are going great in Den Helder.  The work is really moving on.  We met with two ladies this week, one of them being American, and helped them in their garden.  When we came over lady, the Dutch lady mentioned she had forgotten the name of Joseph Smith and looked it up online.  That means she's been thinking about it.  She was very excited when we showed up to help in their garden again.  Woo!
We planted a weed, a potato and a garlic in some dirt this week.  We'll see what happens.
Adventures, tally-ho!
tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess
Also, the Jelly-beans have finally arrived.  Tim and Solymar are very busy right now, so we haven't had time to drop them off...

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