Monday, 17 June 2013

Sometimes stinkers like that need a little stink

Happy Pappy Day.
I'm really late on emailing today.  Holy Moses.  I had 16 emails today.  Fweeewf!   That's a lot.  Thanks to everybody who emailed me this week.  Saweet.
Well, life as a District Leader is a lot different than I thought.  Today we had a district leader council thinger, where the DLs all met together and discussed things.  Things were discussed.  It was fun and got me stoked to help this district out.  Apparently I have a great responsibility and people look up to me and blah.  Stuff like that.  I kind of like it so far.  I won't be giving a district meeting this week because of  Zone Training. We'll see how it goes next week, eh?
Elder Wiscombe is a cool cat.  He's kind of eccentric.  Really likes music and loves super heroes.  We both love old timey Nintendo games and could spend hours talking about Banjo Kazooie.  He's a bit hesitant with his Dutch, but we're going to smash that into perfection.  Or at least improve it I suppose.
Otherwise, this week was oddly...slow.  Sometimes, you have it where all the people you usually meet with have something else to do or are sick.  As it is, 3 of our investigators have a bug or something and can't meet.  Can't do anything about that.  Dangit.
But, we had some interesting lessons.  We've seriously met with some of the most talkative people this week.  Holy Moses.  We had more than one appointment stretch 2 hours. Bleh. On the bright side we met with Lot Fi again .  He's going through some difficult times right now.  Plus he bought a kitten.  So cute.
I think Elder Wiscombe was through having long-winded conversations because at one point, while I was taking pictures of a water chicken in a nest, some guy leaning against his fence called over to us . He started ranting on about how religion is all evil and the stories in the Bible were fake and blah blah.  I pretty much told the guy to shut up so I could testify but he was too stubborn to even listen.  Elder Wiscombe said, "Stop.  You've got your opinions, we've got ours--and we're leaving." Bam, he turned the other direction and walked away.  The old guy and I were dumbstruck.  I toodled on after my companion, leaving that guy frowning at his fence.  It was awesome.  You know what, sometimes stinkers like that need a little stink back.  Does them good.  I had a good laugh about it later.
Looks like it's on to a bunch of contacting this week.  We haven't found any new people in a while...  We'll see.
You should see my potato.  It's growing like crazy.
Well, that's it for this week.  BYE
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

**I bought some organic allergy pills from a member this week.  He owns one of those hippy stores and my allergies were super bad, so I decided to see what nature had to offer.  Holy Moses.  Nature sucks.  I sneezed about a zillion times that day.  It was so bad a dog started barking at me on the train--I guess he thought I was offending him.  Dangit.

Elder Wiscombe
Elder Giles is on the right - they were in the same MTC district.

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