Monday, 4 March 2013

Somewhat dazed and excited

Aw, all your kinds words make me warm in my tummy.
And no, that's not a Dutch phrase.
Blam-diddly we had a good week.  We taught so many people this week.  Wow.  Busy, busy.  We missed hanging out with some of our usuals, namely Willy, Rodriguez and Setta, but we still had contact at least.  I think the biggest miracle came from Miko.
I'm too excited, I have to tell it now.
So when I first got here with dear o' Elder Mower, we went to Miko's house.  Elder Jones had been teaching him and claimed that he "understood it", despite his very little Dutch--he's Slovakian, by the way.  Elder Mowmow and I were less convinced.  When we got there, he was home, but wouldn't let us in for some unclear reason.  And that was that, we never went there again.  Fast forward until last week and we see Miko and his nephew have come to church for the first time,... 10 minutes before it ended.  Somewhat dazed and excited, we set an appointment and Miko went on his merry way.
The selfsame Tuesday, we had a smashing District meeting where our esteemed District leader set a way-high goal of 20 baptisms by the end of March.  You have to keep in mind that last month, between 4 companionships, we had 5 baptisms.  Stymied (did I use that right?) but super stoked, Elder Rozendaal and I caught the vision and invited 2 of our friends to baptisms, both with...undesirable results.  So we were thinking, heck-diddely, what's happening?  Why aren't people accepting this?  We've been asked to do this and we are!  Why isn't it working.
I think I've learned a lot about Diligence this week.
Then out of the blue, we went over to Miko's on Saturday.  I had a feeling this was going to be a huge lesson.  For literally 10 or 15 minutes, we scrambled trying to think of something to say.  Eventually, we asked.  "Miko, what do you think of God?"
"I believe."  This is all in Dutch, by the way.  Super, super simple.
"Okay.  And the Book of Mormon?  Do you think it's good?"
Holding breath. "Do you believe it's true?"
Oh my goodness.  "If the Book is true, that means our church is true.  Do you believe this is the true Church?"
Breathless now.
We're not sure exactly how or when or WHAT, but Miko got his witness that the Book of Mormon is true.  He wants to get baptised on April 28.  Did I mention he has a family of 7.  He has five children, from 16 to 4.  What a huge miracle.  Totally out of nowhere too.  I'm still in shock, really.
Our friend Louise came to church as well!  She really enjoyed it.  It was super awesome to have her there.  She told us earlier in our appointment that she really wants to know if this is the truth.  Wow.  Honest investigators looking for the right way. Gotta love them.
We did swing by family Setta by the way.  We spoke with Ivan and one of his sisters and basically chatted more than taught about the Prophet.  At the end, they were super stoked and both promised to try to read every day in the Book of Mormon.  He's already at 1 Nephi 16 and loves it.  Holy Moses, can one heart contain so much joy?
We met with two young boys earlier too.  They asked us straight-up at the beginning of the lesson what they had to do to be baptized.  We were a bit stunned and it took us a while to give them an answer.  Their situation is difficult because they go to their Papa's every weekend, and thus can't come to church.  Hmm, time to pray for a solution.
We have about a zillion bikes to fix today.  My racing bike got a bit ol' hole in the tire. Somebody stabbed it a few weeks ago and I didn't patch it well enough the first time.  Grr, so annoying.  Ahh, Elder Rozendaal crashed too.  The bar connecting his handlebars and frame literally snapped while he was riding.  I nearly ran over his arm.  He bruised his arm and back, but nothing serious.  He's practically better already.
Heh-hey.  We met with Andre the Russian drummer as well.  We had a pow-wow by a river downtown with his buddy.  Elder R taught buddy and I taught Andre.  It was one of the most spiritual lessons ever for me.  I taught him very simple gospel truths; God, Jesus, prayer and our Eternal potential.  Super cool.  Unfortunately, Andre the drummer is off on vacation for 2 months.  Chances of me seeing him again...
Well.  Busy week, not enough time to write it all.
Thanks for your letters!  And...socks?
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

**Wow you got that for a very, very good price actually.  Elder Rozendaal says thanks a zillion times.  He is absolutely ecstatic about it.  Hugest smile ever.  Thanks!

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  1. How exciting! He sounds so excited. Mitch is struggling and discouraged right now. I think once he adjusts to his new area things will be awesome for him. Cheryl