Monday, 11 March 2013

We're sitting fast in a rut

I'm not sure exactly what happened this week, but we're sitting fast in a rut.  Out of the 7 or so people we meet with weekly, we didn't meet with a single one of them.  Willy, Setta, Rodriguez and so forth.  We tried to swing by Miko, but he had to go to work.  Fair enough, so we set an appointment the next day at the same time.  When we swung by, his entire door bell system was ripped from the wall.  Literally.  There was just a big ol' hole with wires poking out.  His phone was off too so we waited around until somebody came out.  He was just as surprised as we were to discover the bell system were gone. He couldn't let us in either.  I can understand.  Later it was suggested to us that we should have left a letter in the mailbox.  Derp, why didn't we think of that?  Bishop's wife also suggested to throw rocks at their window--because that's what the Elders had done when she was investigating.  We had actually considered that, but his window is above a busy bus stop, and I'm pretty sure people wouldn't be happy with rocks crashing on their domes.
Willy is doing very well.  As far as we know, he's giving up smoking.  He's very touchy on the matter.  He got upset when I asked because when you mention it, he starts thinking about it and desiring it.  He was actually pretty steamed.  Note to self: don't ask about smoking.  I'm curious how I'm going to find out now...
OH.  So here's something equally exciting and frustrating.  Arg!  So Branch President Van Kerckhoven (who has a fantastic Flemish accent) has had a friend coming to church since around November sometime.  We finally met with her this week.  She's their babysitter from China who staying here for a year.  I can't remember her real name, but her 'Dutch' name is Eva--like Even, but...Dutch.  She's super positive and we even set a Baptismal date with her in the first lesson!  She mentioned that when she prays, she feels great, and that's how she's learnt God exists.  We told her that if she feels the same way when she reads the Book of Mormon, this means it's true.  She said, "Oh, that makes sense."  Wham. Anydoodle, she's great.  We went all the diddely dang way to Genk on Sunday, super excited that we were going to see her in church--because she attends almost weekly.  But she wasn't there!  We asked the Van Kerckhovens and they said she had stayed up partying or something and was too tired to get up.  Okay, that's annoying.  But here's the really frustrating part.  We called our young men's leader that same day to ask if anybody was visiting church back in Leuven.  He said no, then asked how Shen was doing (or some similar name).  I said I did not know a 'Shen', then suggested Eva.  "Oh," he said, "is that her English/Dutch name?"  Yes...  Wait...what?  "Yeah, she was too tired to go to church because she was hanging out with me last night."  ...What?!  Turns out he's totally dating her or something.  Arg!  Oh well.  He had a lot of positive things to say about her.  He even said that if we manage to meet with her twice a week, she'll totally make her baptism.  Cool!
The other person we met with was Chris.  Chris is buff.  Really buff.  Man oh mighty, I'm worried I'll say something wrong then POW, lights out.  He also knows the Bible inside and out and isn't afraid to preach to us.  He's open and willing to "Read.  Yes, read the word of God," so we'll see what happens.  He also accepted a 'soft' baptismal invitation--even after mentioning he's already been baptized.  When most people, after you've invited them, say that they've been baptized already, you have to go into a huge discussion explaining the priesthood again.  He just kind of shrugged with a smile, "If that's what God wants, then okay.  I would do it."  Neat.
We also met a very positive potential investigator, with two beautiful border collies.  She was pretty interested, so we're swinging by next week.  Fingers crossed!
Otherwise, lots of doors knocked, lots of "nee, "hoor"s and so forth. 
We found a 3-wheeled bike for sale as well.  The people selling it had bought it for their brother, but his cancer took a turn for the worse and he couldn't use it anymore.  Unfortunately, they wanted 200 Euro for it.  Unfortunately, Elder Rozendaal suggested a Book of Mormon instead.  Unfortunately, it turned out they hate Mormons and they slammed the door before I could barter.  Dangit.  Almost had a big-boy trike.  Maybe next time.
Yeah. this week wasn't the best.  It's a good thing next week will be better!
Okay, bye.
tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

THANKS FOR THE SHIRTS BY THE WAY.  Holy man, so dang awesome.

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