Monday, 25 March 2013

If you're with the wind, you fly.

Sorry this might be short today.  I had a zillion other people to email.
Ohh....and....also, I hate this keyboard.
So.  Life.  Life is now in Den Helder.  Den Helder is now in life--and the Netherlands.  If you look on a map, the north part of this country looks like a glove.  Den Helder is on the thumb of that glove.  Almost complete opposite ends of the mission.  I caught a train at 8:30 and arrived at about 5--with no lunch in between.  My bags are getting super heavy now.  I tried to send a box home with things I don't need, but the post office wanted to charge 100 Euro.  YEAH RIGHT.
So Den Helder.  It's been open for about 4 weeks and the members are really excited about it.  In their prayers, they thank the Lord that they have missionaries.  It's an older branch, as in it's been here forever and everybody in it is pretty dang old.  There's only one young man...  Like I said, they're pumped and they love feeding us.  The cupboards are a bit bare right now, but that's okay.
Den Helder itself is a sleepy little place.  It's not very big and not very busy--perfect.  Our area is actually pretty small too, including a dozen or so small cities surrounding.  Also, it's cold as cold can be.  There's a super fierce wind right now that tries to rip you off your bike.  With my sleek, slender delicious bike that hasn't happened yet, but you have to keep a look out, otherwise Mr Wind, that stinky old fart, will come out and get you.  If you're with the wind, you fly.  Psh, like you're ever with the wind.
Elder Giles is a cool cat.  Turns out, he's just about nerdy as I am.  We have a lot of the same interests and all the lame humour I've acquired over the years from video games and internet actually makes sense for him.  No way.  He's a super cool guy and an awesome missionary.  He has no fear contacting people.  Compared to him as a greenie, I was a nightmare.  We'll have fun, I can tell.
We've already got some pretty positive people that we're teaching actually.  We have 3 baptismal dates, David, Joseph and Payo.  I've only met two of the three, but they seem like nice, positive people.  We've met several others who I already consider my friends.  Friends have become very important for me on my mission--they value of a friend is greater than gold.  Among those friends are Tim and Solymar, a super cool couple.  She's a less-active member and he's totally open to hearing the gospel.  Their cat is a midget--she has some sort of growth disorder--and is adorable.
Elder Giles is deathly afraid of spiders.  I hate basking sharks, so it evens out.
Our apartment is smack diddely dang right in the middle of Den Helder--a 30 second walk from the station.  That's even closer than Almere apartment.  Elder Mower is our district leader, which is super awesome.  Great, good, fantastic.
Well, what more can be said, than has already been sa-id?
tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess
Evan's apartment

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