Monday, 25 February 2013

Inspiration, gotta love it.

Wow, you spelt "Broeder" phonetically correct.  I am impressed.  That means you know how to say it.
What do I have to say this week?  This week I took noticed of how many bikes there are abandoned in Leuven.  There is seriously a bike on almost every street corner with one little thing wrong with it and unchained.  We found two of the nicest bikes ever and locked them up, but after asking the neighbourhood (and sharing the gospel tegelijk), we discovered they were likely stolen and decided to leave them.  If you take a bike to the station, and nobody claims it, after a year it's yours.  This race bike was stinking nice, Holy man, but I decided it wasn't worth it.  Better to leave it than stress too much.
We had a few good lessons with our investigators all around.  Louise is reading in the Book of Mormon as well as the youngest of Family Rodriguez.  These youngsters keep surprising me.  She's only 12!  Unfortunately, family Setta couldn't meet with us because he was planning a party for 50.  We swung by and it was all busy so we decided to leave him to his business.  Still very positive.
On Saturday we weren't so sure what to do until Elder Rozendaal had the idea that we should visit Genk.  After phoning our ward mission leader there, we obtained the names of 3 people to go visit.  An hour and a half later (it's that far) by train, we caught a bus which took us to the first on the list.  There weren't home, but their neighbours, who are also members, were.  We had a super cool spontaneous lesson with them and discovered the girlfriend of the boy in the family was not a member.  We snaked an appointment for the following week and skiddel-dee-daddled out of there.  We took a moment afterwards to considered what had actually happened.  Inspiration, gotta love it.
Unfortunately, we haven't heard from Willy the whole week.  I'm beginning to worry.
Yesterday was quite interesting. The Bishop called us while I was in the shower and told us to get our butts over to the church--only slightly more polite.  We got there at about 8:00 and shovelled about an inch or two of snow.  The sacrament meeting that followed was honestly one of the best I've attended.  There was something special about it, I think everybody felt it.  The Bishop gave a moving testimony and afterwards the 3 daughters of family Boda (who are on the verge of reactivity) sang 2 songs for us.  During the second song, one of the girls broke out in tears.  It was super moving.
Then after church was a luncheon.  Mmm, free food.  Then, a JoVo (young adult) activity, which we also stayed behind to help with. By and by, and the end of the day, we were at the church, without leaving, for 11 hours.  8 until 7.  Ooo, can you believe that?  It was worth it though.  Free food eaten, new friends made.
Speaking of pickle.  Pickleball?  I was correct in guessing the difference between a Russian pickle and Belgian pickle.  Ah ha, I feel clever.  Apparently, Russian pickles are not pickled in vinegar, and as such, aren't as sweet or sour as Belgian.  Who knew.
 Elder Rozendaal's back is nearly healed.  At least he doesn't complain about it every five minutes now.  We went to a doctor and she prescribed some meds that worked really well.  He turned in the bill to the bus company and supposedly they'll reimburse him soon.
So.  Yes.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess
The young men's leader here is really smart qua computers and that kind of jazz.  He looked up the website name "" and it is currently not in use.  Through him, I'm going to buy this website, which will be super handy for in the future.  I'll be able to build my own website and be able to market my books through that.  It's 12 Euro or dollar per year.

~ in response to Elder Smith latest letter
Hey, Elder Kearon came and spoke to us too!  He pretty much said the same thing about BC.  Had I known Elder Kearon was going to go to Spain, I would have told him to look out for Elder Smith. 

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