Monday, 1 April 2013

Turns out, it was the bomb

Well, I spent a lot of time emailing other people, including smelly, so I don't have too much to say this week.
I will however, insert a thing about friends here.  I think I've already mentioned this, but I'm learning how important friends are.  Friendship has grown for me.  A friend has more value than it did before.  As I was reflecting over the friends I've made, I read my patriartical blessing.  In it, it mentions that on my mission I will make new friends, and that these friendships will be valuable and long lasting.  Wham.  Apparently, revelation works.  I have seen how that little bit of personal revelation has come true already.  The friendships I have made are precious and valuable to me.  Of all the trinkets I've got, I think the most important are the pictures I've obtained--pictures of my friends.  Cherished people.  Thank you, camera.
This week was an interesting one.  We met with Bernie again, who's this somewhat crazy guy with a mouth that never stops moving.  We didn't teach anything, but we helped him with his computer.  While we were chilling in his house, I saw something move and my eyeballs shot that direction.  Yep, a moment later, sure enough, a mouse went scurrying away.  Needless to say, his house is a mess.
As well, Payo has taken an interesting turn.  It seems as though he is more interested in learning about the gospel and less in actually following it.  He's got a pretty comfortable life, and he doesn't want to do anything--positive or negative--to change that, again, positively or negatively.  It's somewhat unfortunate, but since he hasn't read in the Book of Mormon, it's certainly understandable.  Goal: read the Book or Mormon with him until he'll do it by himself.  Punt.
On a great note, our friend Katie agreed to a baptismal date this Friday.  We had a good lesson where we simply read the Book of Mormon (inspiration for above) and she was very impressed.  Our goal for her is the 10th of May.  She also likes to talk, making things interesting.
Gack!  Not much time!
So I think last week I mentioned Tim and Solymar.  We had a return appointment this week and from the very moment we made it, I had the feeling that it was going to be the bomb.  Seriously, I was looking forward to it all week long.  Turns out, it was the bomb.  The evening started off with us basically being ourselves.  Expressing and sharing interests and stories and essentially bonding.  After a super duper delicious meal, we sat down and had a fantastic lesson.  The previous week, we had promised to explain the Book of Mormon to Tim.  So we dang diddely did.  He accepted it really well too, mentioning that he's actually personally searching for the truth.  At the end, he even said that he has to read the book and learn more before making any definite decision.  Perfect!  Oh man, it was a perfect appointment.  Elder Giles mentioned it was the best appointment he's had on his mission.  Zo.
Like I mentioned, I'm a bit short of time, so this is about all I can say this week.  Also, it is still really cold and occasionally snows.
tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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