Monday, 9 July 2012

I ate horse.....and it taste good.

I ate horse.  It was a little sausage/hot dog thing called a frickadeller (Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried dumplings of minced meat, often likened to the Danish version of meatballs).
Om nom nom.
And no, it wasn't puffed.
I suppose I'll start off with the barbecue.
Volleyball was...alright.  We had to fix up the net a bit.  It wasn't too bad, but still took at least 20 minutes.  We actually had around 6 good players, among 9 in total.  So there were good plays, decent plays and bleh plays.  It was still fun though.  We all thought it could have lasted longer, but we had to skidaddle off to a member's to have a barbecue.  Holy man did we have a lot of food.  We only tackled about half of the giant package of meat we got.  It was delicious though.  We had a lot of toppings for the burgers.  At the end of the night though, I regret only having one burger.   Americans.....they love America.  Too much sometimes.  I'll leave it at that.
As far as Elder Leach's bike goes...  Let's say he spent too much time fixing it up.  It's a super nice bike, not going to lie.  It cleaned up real nice.  He took it apart and cleaned out all the little pieces.  It was quite the project.  And at the end of all it, he hopped on it, rode it around in two circles and...realized one of the metal part for the pedals is stripped and useless.  Whups.  So unless we find another bike, he's going to have to buy a new pedal part, which might be costly.  Sigh.
Actually, I did find another bike.  It too was very nice, but we saw no use of it at the moment.  Two days later, Elder Jones called, saying his bike just broke down.  BLAST.  Zo is het.
As far as the work goes, it's very slow right now.  We haven't had many very appointments and we're having a tough time finding new investigators.  It's discouraging, but despite it, I think I've kept rather upbeat.  Psh, it can only be temporary.  We're going to do better this week though.  For sursies.
So there's a huge sale event right now.  Summer Sales I suppose.  I saw four boxes of Bionicles for sale for 50 Euros.
Oh, small miracle, sort of.  Elder Leach and I were roaming around, talking to people, when we came across a huge Blokker store (Blokker Holding is a Dutch company that owns several chains of stores).  He half-heartily suggested we go inside.  I didn't want to.  No desire.  But also half-heartily, I agreed.  We walked around the store quickly, then went to exit, only to come across an investigator.  We hadn't contacted her up to that point and we didn't know she worked there.  It was too coincidental.  Anyway, she phoned us this morning (after promising she would) and she expressed her concerns about the Book of Mormon--that she didn't know if it was true, or that our church truly has a prophet.  Elder Leach told her it all depended on the book.  If it's true, then...well, you know the rest.  She agreed that she has to read it before she can make any conclusions and phone us at the end of the week.  I'm super hopeful.  This could be the one!  It would all be worth it.
Also, we met the new mission President and his wife.  They're awesome.  I can tell they'll do great.  Poor them, they must be so tired.  We had a small testimony meeting and President started nodding off sitting in his chair! 
Anydoodle.  Doing great.  Still happy.
Time to go check out some sales...
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

President/Sister Brubaker & President/Sister Robinson. As a 19 year old President Robinson served his mission in the Netherlands.

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