Monday, 23 July 2012

Expired, but still delicious

Imagine for a moment that you're climbing a ladder.  You really want to get to the top, but for some reason, somebody keeps putting rungs on the top.  You're confused.  You thought your destination was right there, and that there were only a few rungs more to climb.  Then you blink and there are suddenly twenty more rungs.
Now: each rung is another question to be answered.
Dang it.
You know what is awesome?  Biking.  You know what else?  Writing.  I'm going to do both when I get home...
So this week has been a lot better.  For sure.  I feel like I've really been directed by the Spirit this week.  Sometimes is super cool to see how it works.  For me, sometimes it seems like a snap decision kind of thing.
For instance, we looked up somebody at the latter end of last week.  As we were walking away, I decided to knock on a door.  I can honestly say, there was nothing special about it.  A girl answer, perhaps 14 or so, and said that her parents weren't available, but that we could come by later and try again.  Yeah, contacts like that usually never turn into something.  A lot of the time, we come back and the parents just say, "Mmm, nee."
BUT.  We went by there...yesterday? and the mother of the girl answered and let us right in.  She was super friendly.  It was interesting though, we didn't talk too much about our message per se, but asked her more if there was anything we could do to help--as she had mentioned that they were busy cleaning up their super-narrow apartment.  She agreed that we could help with her achtertuin (backyard).  We're going there today.  I'm very excited to work with this person though.  She's from the Dutch Antilles, and it's an entire family!  She's had some contact with missionaries before, which is also a good sign.  Aha, when we asked if we could help, her response was "Yeah!  If God sends two people at my door offering help, of course I'm not going to refuse!"  Wham.
Also, this week I got a letter from the Hillsman's, Aunte Jeannie, as well as Alex Salmon.  Thank you!  You're support is much appreciated!
Oh, and thanks (slightly sarcastic) for all the expired items in that one package.  I think more than half of the things were expired more than a year.  Were you sending me a package of love, or cleaning out the pantry?
Still, tastes delicious.  We made a rice-a-roni and shake-and-bake-chicken dinner.  It was oh-so-good.  And Goulash.  Mmm, goulash.
Oh, what's Preston's address?
So there's this inactive member we're working with.  Elder Jones suggested that a good way to help inactive people is giving them something to do.  So I decided to do that.  We saw Joe-Arthur in his car, so he pulled over to talk to us.  I gave him a small stack of cards and challenged him to place them.  He was super excited and agreed that he would.  No more than 5 seconds after we were done talking with him, he called out, "Pardon, mevrouw!" and handed his card away to some lady passing by.  Elder Leach and I burst out laughing.  He's a super cool guy--he just doesn't come to church.
I'm short of time...
but also when we were by Joe-Arthur's, somebody mentioned America.  The children--he has 3--were confused.  "Where's America?"  Jokingly, I wanted to tell them it is near Canada. 
EXCEPT their mother beat me too it.  "Under Canada, remember?"
"Oh, that's right!"
Aha!  Usually it would be the other way round.  About time Canada gets some recognition.  Joe-Arthur's wife loves Canada; she wants to move there.
Yep.  Outta time.  Sorry I answered no questions.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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  1. Dear Elder Burgess,
    So enjoyed hearing all about your days and contacts you have having with the peoples of the Netherlands. It is so exciting to hear of your ups and downs. You are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. We are very proud of you and think that you are great! Even on your low days (which everyone has remember) the Lord knows your needs, you will be fine. Rely too on your companion and support each other. I will try harder at being a better missionary. We are helping 2 famililes at this present time and hope they will embrace the gospel....
    take care of yourself and remember that you are loved so much...Sister Stacey
    always The Staceys