Monday, 16 July 2012

Ever had those moments where you're just...happy?

Nothing is happening out of the ordinary, but you just feel good.  I had one of those moments.  I think sometimes the Holy Ghost just swoops in and tells you you're doing good, that the Lord is pleased and proud.  I certainly had one of those moments this week.
We've picked up a few potential investigators this week.  I found a name in the area book that we decided to look up.  The person doesn't live there anymore, but in a different city.  Still, we set an appointment with her mother and brother and received her number.  Plus we rang some more bells and managed to find one more person that's interested.  I swear though, sometime ringing people up is the most difficult thing ever.  What do you say to begin with?  Hot diggety, what are they saying now?  The speaker is fuzzy, I can't hear them!  Come back Thursday?  No, tomorrow?  9? That's too late, are you sure?  Okay, fine, 9 it is.  Then you go back later and they're already asleep.  Dang it.  We're going to try later though.  She seemed positive, hope it turns out.
Elder Leach got his bike fixed up a bit more.  We went by a fietswinkel (bycycle shop) and talked to a super friendly guy.  He tightened everything on his bike, sold him a pedal, seat post and seat for really cheap too.  We gave him a card as a way to say thanks.
There's something I'm beginning to notice here.  Belgium men are stinkers.  Of course, that's an unfair statement.  Dutch men are stinkers too.  It just seems that way sometimes.  I couldn't count how many times we've talked or taught somebody and the man in the family is the one to shut us down.  Seriously, we had a great conversation with this lady at the door, and she even looked as though she was going agree to learn more.  Then her husband floated out of nowhere and with a fake smile said, "Nee, geen interesse, dank u."(No thank you, not interested).  BLAST.  This is an all-too-common theme here.
We had a Zone conference on Friday.  So guess what?  Wham, I'll tell you.  Dear ol' Elder Kunz is gone from Eindhoven. Yep.  Elder Pope (I don't know him) got transfered into the office prematurely, and so they plucked Elder Kunz away and put him with Elder Burton.  Now Eindhoven is a double again.  I'm shocked.  Elder Taylor and Roemer have only been in Eindhoven 3 week, and they've been on their mission shorter than I!  Craziness.
And Elder Jones and Elder Nish are going to be training!  They get their new greenie tomorrow.  He's a Belgium person, so he was in the MTC for only 3 weeks.  Pretty crazy.  If you remember, Elder Nish is the other Canadian.  He's pretty young (missionary wise), so it's curious that he'll be co-training.  Shenanigans.
The President is a nice guy.  Very soft-spoken, simple of speech.....just a humble guy all around.  We had our interviews, and at the end, he says "We didn't pray did we?  What kind of people are we?"  The way he said it, I almost mistook it for a real question rather than a joke.  He's a cool guy though, I already know he'll do great.
Also, I went on exchanges in Antwerpen.  Can't say I like big cities.  So busy.  I feel so stressed just being in one.
Sister Rachwolski has written me a few times, otherwise I haven't got a letter from anyone in the ward in a while.
Chris Smith's letter was pretty funny.
I am keeping positive.  And I am drinking weird Belgian milk!!
tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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