Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fishing for a bike

Gotta keep it short today! I apologize.  Elder Leach and I organized volleyball for our entire district and we gotta be there pretty soon.  Ahhhh....this keyboard is super frustrating.  Once and a while it just refuses to type a letter.
Glad to hear you guys are having fun camping.  That's crazy about Scotch Creek being all flooded.  It would be the year that I'm gone. 
There's something about learning a new language that focuses you on all the mistakes in your own language.  Like 'that'.  'That' should be far more frequent in the English language, but we've kind of learnt to just not say it (or even write it).  In Dutch you must always say 'that'.  Interesting...  I wish I could think of some examples.
This week has been a bit slow.  Our investigator pool is not very deep so to say, and we're having a tough time filling it.  I'm not too worried though.  It takes a few weeks for new companions to work out the kinks.  Something similar happened in Eindhoven too, where no matter what we did, it seemed like nothing was happening--then BAM, the next week we were plenty busy.  I'm sure something is going to click soon.
ALSO, we found a bike in a canal.  Elder Leach had spotted it some time ago and I suppose it had been at the back of his mind since then.  We had some free time so we decided to go out there and check it out.  After some deliberation we fetched a stick and tied a rope and hook to the end to the stick.  With no small difficulty--and making a bit of a scene--we fished that sucker right out of there. What was interesting about it was that somebody strolled across the street to watch and even help.  As we were struggling with it, I ask him what kind of dog he had.  I can't remember, but it sparked a conversation and we were able to pass him a card.  Interesting how that works.  He was a very curious man and seemed very open to learning more.  He lives in Antwerpen, so we might not be able to see what comes of it, but I certainly hope he requests a book of Mormon.  How cool would that be?  Fishing-bikes-out-of-canals-contact, for the win!
Oh yeah, the bike.  Oh  man was it gross.  All sick and covered in mud and little red worms.  It was obviously stolen, because somebody had spray painted it silver, but with a little work, the paint came right off, revealing it to be a Giant.  Wow.  It is a really nice bike.  Most of the pieces on it are higher-end things. Elder Leach was pretty excited about it.
We also got in contact with a very positive investigator named Richard.  He had a baptismal date not too long ago, but was just too busy to meet.  School's out, so he's going to have much more time to meet with us.  We shared a short lesson and it went very well.  His prayer at the end was super cool.  He thanked the Lord for restoring lost truths and for the Book of Mormon.  WOW!  This guy's great.  His main problem: church.  We're going to do our very best to bring joint teachers.  What he needs right now are friends in the church.
We're short of time, so I'll have to cut it off here.  Thanks fer all yer suppert, gyar!
En tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

Antwerpen Zone  
 Elder Christensen, Elder Burgess, Elder Praag
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