Monday, 8 April 2013

Surprised, we sputtered for a moment....

Ah yes.
By the way, I totally have our address now.  It's:
Julianaplein 74
1781 HD Den Helder
Woop.  So this week was admittedly slow.  We had a lot of contacted with not so many results.  The people we did find, however, seem promising.  We were in a sleepy little village and talked to a man for 20 minutes or so.  At the end, he accepted a Book of Mormon and gave us his address.  Woo!  We have to swing by next week.  He lives on a farm...
Also, while we were contacting, we knocked on a door and a lady opened and exclaimed "Come on in!"  Surprised, we sputtered for a moment before she realized we were obviously not the people she was expecting.  Turns out she was waiting for missionaries from another church.  Still, we shared a good thought and gave a card pointing to General Conference, which she was excited about actually.  You never know.
Katie is still doing awesome.  We met with her twice and she's super on board.  At the end of the lesson, she started telling us how good she feels since she's begun meeting with us, that for the first time, "I feel free!  Like never before in my life, I'm free!"  Aw.  She's a swell person with a big heart.  She'll make it for suresies.
Unfortunately, Joseph took a turn for the worse.  We're not sure exactly what happened, but he left a message on our phone and we talked with him later and he said that he's not ready or willing to take a departing step from what he knows.  He wants to stick with the Bible and so forth.  I've heard this song before.  He still wants to be our friend, however, so I haven't lost hope yet.  I suspect his pastor at his church discovered that he was meeting with us, because he called after he attended his church service and our appointment with him that same evening fell through because he was meeting with his pastor--at the same time. Hmm...  I certainly hope he recognizes the Spirit he felt with us and dwells on that.  I really can't blame him though, Joseph's in a difficult situation right now.  He lost his wife in a car crash not too long ago.  I suppose he just needs some time to ponder.
Things with Payo are pretty much the same.  I made the mistake of asking which soccer team was his favourite--never, ever do that.  You're facing half our meeting conversing about soccer if you do.  Then about horses.  And biking.  And how those two things are related...  Oh well.
We also met with Family Sante, (there's an accent on the e, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to put it there).  They haven't been to church for a while because they have problems with the members.  Sigh.  Apparently, Den Helder's history isn't terribly awesome, but still.  A silly conflict between people shouldn't keep you from worshipping your God.  Deep down, it's a testimony issue I'm sure.  They are super open with meeting with us more, so we'll see what we can too.  Fun couple though.  Interesting sense of humour...
Aaand no, I haven't had any fish yet, which is actually a bit upsetting.  Ik wil graag wat lekker vis eten (I would like some nice fish dinner).  No members have offered fish yet and I haven't quite convinced Elder Giles to go to one of the many fish restaurants dotting the city.  I'll tell you something though, man oh mighty does that fish smell good when your belly is empty.  Diddely.  We had the chance to eat Fish and Chips at a restaurant, but I was adviced not to because last time Elder Giles and Elder Schulte ate at this particular place, Elder Schulte had been spewing.  Spewing chunks.  Throwing up.  Yep.  I'll pass, thanks.
General Conference was great.  We watched it in English. I especially enjoyed President Monson's address Sunday morning and one of Uchtdorf's.  I can't remember which session.  I want to review them again when the Liahona (the Dutch church magazine) comes.
Well, that is everything for this week I suppose.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess
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