Monday, 26 November 2012

This week has been a blurr

Ever have a week that is just a blurr?  Gee, wasn't I sitting here an hour ago?
It makes it super difficult to recall what happened this week.
The new theme for this week was chess.  Can't say it was as exciting as the previous themes.  We've got a couple chessboards (one jerryrigged from the glass cutting board) and had a few games.  I decided I don't want to play chess.  It stresses me out and takes too long.  I am proud to say I won one game though.  No more chess for me.
We've got a new dryer and the old one was whisked away.  You should see the new one, Holy man.  It's super nice and shiny and with all sorts of buttons that light up when you press them.  Do I know how to use it?  No.  Do I know what any of the buttons do?  No.
Poor Dairely has been super sick this week.  We went by just as he was leaving for the hospital to get a shot.  He looked so dang miserable, it was really sad.  On a lighter note, he's doing better now and we actually have an appointment today.
As well, we met with Claudia Höhne.  I can't remember if I told you about her, but she's a German lady who's been living here for 9 years.  She has an injured leg, injured hands and a few other conditions.  She's super golden though.  Really hard to understand with her thick-as-gravy accent, man oh mighty.  We went over there and she had already read 8 chapters in the Book of Mormon!  That's more than most investigators have done!  We gave her a pretty solid Restoration lesson and she felt the Spirit super strong.  At one point, we read Moroni's promise and her eyes went wide.  "Whoa, it says here we have to pray to God to know, in the name of Jesus." Yeah...  "That means Jesus and God are two separate people.  My whole life I've thought that there were one.  Oh, well I guess I learnt something new." Dang, we hardly said anything and she figured out that truth on her own.  The Spirit was speaking to her--it was amazing.  She said she's going to read everyday too.  I have the strong feeling that Claudia is going to benefit greatly from Priesthood blessings.  Just you wait.
I can't remember if this happened last week, but Family van Hulst called it off.  We phoned them and she said she didn't think this is her path because she hadn't felt anything.  Which is super unfortunate, because I think she did feel something and we didn't ever have a real, solid lesson with them to begin with.  Oh well, seed planted.
The Storms, on the other hand, are AWESOME.  They drove 2 hours to come to Stake conference yesterday, and they loved it.  Maartin Storm said the meeting was really personal, and very applicable.  He also loved how after the service, his kids exploded running everywhere, but it was okay, because everyone else's kids did the same.  We've got an appointment with them today pretty soon.  We're going to commit them to baptism by the end of December.  It's pretty quick, but they've got the entire month off, so we're planning on going over there often.  Oh man are we excited!  Pray it all works out!
Rosana, unfortunately, said she doesn't want to meet with us.  She did say, however that she'll continue reading the Book of Mormon, so who knows.
Also, we got an urgent call on Wednesday morning.  Dominique, a less-active member was told she was getting evicted!  Dominique used to be a man......   The majority of Wednesday we helped her move out.  We were there for 7 hours or so, helping her take everything apart and packing it.  It was crazy.  With our help the next day as well, I'm happy to say we managed to get everything packed and away before 12:30, when she was told she needed to be out by.  She's up in Groningen now.
Oh yeah, we had a delicious Turkey dinner to celebrate American Thanksgiving.  It was so dang good.  I stuffed myself silly.  Jesse and Chaim went, which was great.  It was really good for both of them.  Jesse was a bit out of his element--he can't handle crowds too well.  He was jittery and made more snide jokes than usual, but he really enjoyed it.  Chaim was really chipper too, something he needed as well.
I've been thinking a lot about my friends lately.  I thought about Braden and Preston in specific. 
Well, I think that's about everything.  I'll keep a look out for zombies and investigators, don't you worry.
I haven't got my birthday package yet, but thanks everybody for all the birthday letters/cards and love!  It means a lot, really.
en tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

                    American Thanksgiving held at Den Haag stake ~  November 22nd

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