Monday, 3 December 2012

Fantastic news.....and....back to Belgium

I got my birthday packages indeed!  Holy man, thank you so much.  I had something to say to everything I got, but I'm not sure if I can remember it all right now...
Crispix, mmm, Crispix.  Those pyjama bottoms are super cozy.  They are like wearing a kitty around your legs.  I was actually thinking about buying new pyjama bottoms too.  Crazy.  Not sure I get the string...  Also, I seem to detect a theme.  Are you worried about me starving?  I appreciate the little dinner powder packages--and we do use them--but I think I'll be good on them for now, thank you.  Elder Shoe made a super-delicious-birthday-bash-dinner-meal with the Alfredo sauce and it was heerlijk (delicious).  Unfortunately, I was under the weather for my birthday, so it wasn't as great as it could have been, but I still enjoyed it a lot.  I treated myself to a new toothbrush recently and I'm going to go out to get some new shoes today.  They've got a crazy sale right now--buy 1 pair of shoes for 30% off and get another whole pair for free.  Gee, how can I deny such an offer?  Oh...we also bought nerf guns.  Don't worry!  They were also on sale.  We've had some pretty great slayer/zombie battles in our apartment since then.
I'm not sure a balaclava is missionary approved, but I appreciate the gesture.  Holy man was it cold on one day.  I looked out the window in the morning and it was pretty decent weather, especially for the 1st of December.  Gee whiz was it cold that day.  My fingers were thoroughly frozen.  Being silly me, I forgot I had a huge pile of hand warmers and didn't use them until later in the day--long after my fingers had become frozen cheese sticks.  Maar, het vielt wel mee (but it was not so bad).
As far as Family Storm goes...we have FANTASTIC NEWS.  We went to the Storms last Monday and talked about Conference.  They loved it so much and were beaming just talking about it.  Then, Elder Shoe simply said, "You guys belong to this church."  Their reply: "Yeah...we do!" WOW!  They're planning on being baptised on Dec 29th.  Can't you believe that?  We came by that same evening.  It was...a pretty difficult lesson actually.  Maarten Storm is a strong, strong believer in free will and we got in more of a discussion about it than a lesson.  By the end, we more or less figured out his problem and again more or less resolved it.  We've got dinner appointment tonight with them and we're bringing Brother Lyons along, who taught Philosophy for 25 years.  Gee, perfect match!
All this miracles and families makes me sad though...
The curse remains!  Oh, when will it be lifted!  It seems my inevitable fate to only be allowed to stay in one area for just long enough to get attached to everybody--JUST TO LEAVE.  Augh!  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset about leaving--especially with a family of 7 preparing to enter the waters.  On the bright side, I'll be with Elder Mower (MTC companion) and I already know Leuven is a beautiful place.  I've visited there twice or so already.  It'll be super awesome because Turnhout is in the district and I'll be able to visit it a few times at least.  Dangit though, I thought for sure this was the time I was going to stay. Niet zo, ik doe het zo (Not so)!
I've also re-discovered how great Brazilian people are. We got a referral from Lani this week and had a dinner with Edeline Moorman, her non-member husband and 2 of their non-member friends.  It was a super fun time with lots of laughing involved.  We made a  good, solid indruk (impression).  It was great.  A good evening to GET YOUR TRANFER CALL.  Blagh!  So upset.
On another note, thank you so much to er'body that sent me letters!  I got a flood of birthday cards (about 20+ cards and quite a few birthday emails) that made everybody jealous---I mean, that made me so happy!  Thanks for the packages too, family and Sam.  I haven't gotten the Thompson package, and probably won't for a while yet...  :(
I'm started to dream pretty frequently in Dutch now too.  It's eerie.  We spoke Dutch for a solid 4 hours yesterday and I impressed myself with how good it was.  As long as your talking about the right subject of course.
Well, I think that's about it than.  I guess next time you hear from me, I'll be back in the land of chocolate, waffles, bad roads and difficult Dutch.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

Thanks for doing as I asked.  I really care for my friends.  That's okay that he said no.  In a lesson, we told somebody that no missionary efforts are wasted.  When you try to share the gospel, it isn't for nothing.  Hopefully, the impression has been made.  There's always when I get home too!

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