Monday, 19 November 2012

Colds, fire and more zombies

Look at that creative title.  How creative.  Pretty explanatory too.
First of all, WE HAVE A NEW BAPTISMAL DATE.  Last week, we contacted a man as we were walking away from a lookup.  I'm not going to lie, he seemed a bit flauw (weak).  This week we had an appointment with him, this time with Elder Maughan with me on splits.  The lesson started a bit flauw as well, but we were on fire that day.  We had a super good companionship study that morning and we applied it like crazy during that day.  By the end of the lesson, our new friend, Dairely was totally into it.  We paused and asked him "Yo man, what are you thinking?" "Well, I want to know if this is true.  I really do." Wow!  What a cool guy. We had left him a reading assignment a few days earlier and he had even read the entire chapter!  He's a super cool guy.  Totally not flauw at all.  Oh myan, we're pumped to be working with him.  "If you knew this was true, would you be baptized on Dec. 22?"  "Why not?  If it's true, it's true, right?"  Awesome.
As well, we had spoken to another young guy who said we could come by sometime.  We got his address and attempted to look him up--only to discover his address actually doesn't exist.  We picked the street which sounded more correct and headed there.  We belled the prospective door, but nobody answered.  Bummer, right?  But as we were chilling there, a young man leaned over the railing above to smoke.  We contacted that guy and asked if he was interested. "Nee, niet echt." ("no, not really")  "Well, maybe your buddy pal chum inside"?  The question seemed to catch him off-guard, but he went inside and actually came back with his friend.  Again, we explained what we were up to.  The first man's friend, Bart was actually very interested!  He let us in right then and there too.  I've only been let in to complete stranger's houses maybe 3 times ever.  We shared another diggety-down lesson and he was very impressed.  One of his opening remarks was how many churches there are that teach different things, instead of there just being one "Like in the beginning".  Gee, here's why!  He too, was excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray over it.
The shenanigans doesn't stop there.  As we were leaving, we double-checked the board with er'one's names on it.  As we were chilling there, a young woman approached and tried to say something in English, but...failed.  "We spreken wel Nederlands" ("We do speak Dutch"). Basically, she was yet another person who wanted to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  She said that she had heard people talk about the spirit so much before, that it's a feeling that washes over you.  She said that she had never felt that in her life, and that she really wanted to.  "When can we come over then," was Elder Shoemaker's response.  She avoided an appointment, but not our promise that if she read and prayed, she would get that feeling.  We'll be swinging back by in a week or so.
We've had a couple run-ins with the van Hulsts (you don't capitalize van in a name unless it's at the beginning of a sentence--I read that in a book), and we got their number.  We're going to get an appointment with them this week.
Well, that's pretty much it for investigators. 
Now the title.
There was another zombie invasion this week.  This time, the Zone Leaders were over staying the night (as they did a four-man blitz with both Almere and us).  The dreaded chainsaw zombie came a-lurking out of his lurk-place and once again Elder Andrews was the first to fall.  With five different people attacking it, it got shot a lot more than the first time and the survivors actually managed to kill it--but not until after it had infected the majority of the others.  Elder Li held out the longest, using his ninja skills and constant yelling to weave in between claws and teeth while battering the beasts.  Eventually, one of the zombies got hold of his torso and he was knocked down where once again a brutal feeding frenzy occurred.
It was really fun.
Also, poor ol' Elder Shoemaker has been struck by round 3 of his sickness.  It returned two days ago, hitting his nose this time.  Once again, we were forced to stay home. 
The dryer has been acting up lately.  It hasn't really been drying anything, more like spinning it around and blowing air everywhere.  "Well, that's what it's supposed to do, right?" Not really.  I put four towels in there to get dry, but after 2 hours of rolling around in there, they were still just as damp.  Dangit.  So I shoved them in for another go.
Because we were home sick, we sat in the living room, Elder Shoemaker writing a letter and me drawing drawings.  Out of nowhere, the smoke alarm went off.  It had gone off once before when the dryer had spit out a bunch of steam, so expecting it to be nothing more than a repeat, I went to investigate.  The kitchen was hazy and the laundry room was filled with thick grey smoke, streaming out of the dryer.  "The dryer's smoking...  IT'S ON FIRE!"  Yep, the dang thing caught fire.  I peered down into the small grate at the bottom and I could see it, a clear flame somewhere at the back.  I quickly ran over and grabbed the fire extinguisher and yanked all those silly safety precautions off.  We unplugged the dryer and washer and sprayed the front, but couldn't get the flames.  After grabbing some tools (and opening the windows, I believe), we yanked the back off of the machine and filled that sucker up with foam.  I've never used a fire extinguisher, it was really exciting.  When we called President later to tell him what happened, Elder Shoemaker said "I think the worst part is that the towels aren't even dry." Dangit.  We opened all the windows, put a few fans here and there and waited outside for the smoke to go away.  The same towels that I was trying to dry were used to sop up the foam stuff from the extinguisher, soiling them to how they were before they were washed.  It was like two steps forwards and three burned back.
We shoved that wrecked machine outside to rot.  We haven't bought a tombstone yet, but the burial is planned for this weekend.  I haven't thought of anything good to say in my eulogy yet.  All I have written down is "goodbye, stupid machine.  You suck."
I almost got sick as well.  Oh no!  Thank goodness it only got me a little bit, and didn't turn into a full-fledged cold.  I'll eat some vitamin C.  I think I'm over it already.
Well, we're off to celebrate American Thanksgiving and to play American football.  America.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess.

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