Monday, 4 June 2012

We went there, got an investigator, then went home.

I've probably exhausted all the forms of wham and diddely possible by now.
Nother week, nother adventures.  This week seemed to really blast by.  I swear I blinked and then Monday met me again.
As for our investigators...
Elder Van Overbeek (who was in Eindhoven just before Elder Kunz and I), phoned us up one evening and straight up asked us to see if we could move Isa's baptismal date sooner.  Umm...okay?  We asked how soon would be good.  His reply: "Mmm, next week would be acceptable." He wanted her baptized that very weekend!  So we called Isa up and put the thought in her mind.  After a few days, she made the decision to be baptized on June 16th.  I think it will be better this way, really.  The less distance between now and then, the more unlikely something will happen.  Plus Elder Schwartz (who was the one who found her to begin with) is leaving home soon, so this way he can attend too!  And...... this way I'll actually get to see one of our investigators get baptized!  Woo!  Isa gave us ice cream as well.  Ben and Jerry's.  Mmm.
As for fietspump (bike pump) guy, Sheka.  Our appointment fell through and Sunday evening was a torrential downpour.  He only has a bike, so I can't blame him for not showing up.
Raychel cancelled our appointment, but we made another for next week.
Congratulations for Kalvin by the way!  Give me his address and I'll try to send a "Gefiliciteerd" card.  Any projections on when he's going to get his actual call?  Super exciting.
So we've got a couple interesting contacts this week.  We got a referral from HQ this week.  A guy named Jason came in contact with the missionaries in Germany, and ordered a Book of Mormon.  The address was for a small city called Roermond, about 40 minutes or so away from Eindhoven.  With a few hours to spare, we decided to go check it out.
So we got there and knocked on the door.  A lady answers and we tell her we have a Book of Mormon for Jason.  Except she doesn't know any Jason.
We begin telling her about this Jason......who ordered a Book of Mormon.  Lives in Germany...  Caribbean...a music DJ.  Turns out his name was something somewhat similar to Jason, but not actually Jason.  We figured "Jason" must have ordered the Book for his Mommy (who turned out to be  a super spiritual/curious person).  So we gladly gave her the book and set an appointment for the following week.  I think it's super strange...  We went there, got an investigator, then went home.  Nothing else.  Strange.
We never went back to high guy.  We had another appointment instead.
Aha.  Also, our district leader, Elder Merril, wanted to meet our investigators.  So he planned an exchange on Saturday.  Little did he know we had an appointment with Sister Luid (remember, she's a little cra.....a child of God)!  Muahaha.  I went to Heerlen instead that day.  Can't say I was disappointed...
So I considered buying that camera again.  It was even 10€ lower this week.  I didn't buy it though.  I think I'll just stick with my camera for now.
My allergies have pretty much been the worst ever still.  I made the mistake of itching my eye the other night wasn't nice.  It got all watery and swollen and red and bleh.  I really hope the allergy pills you sent work.  I really hope ALL THIS RAIN we've been having will wash all the pollen away too.  It's been raining for two days straight now. 
By the way, I'm reading through Jesus the Christ.  Interesting book.  Sometimes it just flows in one eyeball and out the other though.  Now that is a heavy book.  I'm about 2 thirds done already.  
Ik hou van jullie!
Tot volgene keer,
Elder Burgess

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