Monday, 18 June 2012

This week was staight up awesome.

Where to begin?
We met with Joan again.  Armin Panhuizer drove us to Roermond and was our joint teach.  He is a super cool guy.  Fun to be around.  Plus he loves Halo!  Always good.  Have I already talked about him?  Anyway, our lesson with Joan went really well.  She enjoyed the video we shared and committed to read the Book of Mormon and even accepted a 'soft' baptismal date.  She agreed that if this is the route God wants her to go, of course she'll follow it.  We also set up two more appointments for this week--she's down to meet twice a week.  I'm very excited for her.
And actually, we got a new investigator that is also diggety down to meet twice a week.  His name is Peter van Mierlo.  I knew I'd love him right away when we came up to his house.  He lives on the outskirts of Eindhoven, in a forest-like area.  It was like biking in Scotch Creek!  And then his doorknocker is a dragon's head.  Ah!  So cool.  His case is a new one for me.  He was actually an investigator for the Zwolle Elders, but since he lives in Eindhoven, they 'passed' him on to us.  His girlfriend right now is an investigator (also in Zwolle) from a long time ago.  He has read the entire Gospel Principles book and told us in our first lesson that his objective of meeting with us is to eventually get baptized.  Wham.  Wow, glad we got that formality aside.  He's a super cool, interesting guy though.  I'm not sure where he works, but he makes fake gore for his job.  Seriously, he makes fake wounds, covers himself with them and lets emergency-response students practise on him (or something similar).  He showed us this book of some of the things he has done.  Looks like the real thing.  Burned faces, squashed fingers, lacerations... you name it, he's made it.  Ewie.
Thursday we had an ALL zone mission conference.  That's the entire mission meeting at once.  I'll tell you, it was so cool to see everyone again.  It was strange because it was also President Brubaker's last address to us.  Like his departing testimony.  It was somber and kind of sad.  President Brubaker and Sister Brubaker are super special people.  
Oh, and I heard a bit from Elder Mortenson and Elder Thueson.  They said Leiden is doing great.  Gabiel is just as awesome as ever.  And Khalid?  They said they take him joint-teaching all the time.  They said he just testifies like crazy.  Aw man, it just warms my heart to hear that.  This is what it's all about!
Speaking of which...
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Harry, Isa and Elder Shwartz
It was a great experience.  Isa was so incredibly worried the day of, she actually threw up three times!  Ah! When she got in the font with Elder Shwartz (remember I mentioned that he was the Elder that originally 'found' her - he is going home soon), she was just shaking like a leaf.  But then, WHAM.  She was baptized!  Afterwards, I swear she was just beaming.  She was so, so happy!  Gleeful!  The next day at church that happiness just continued to shine.  She received the Holy Ghost and even stayed for the entire church service (which she didn't usually do).  Man, the whole thing was just super awesome.  I've never seen her happier!
I'm really happy I was here in Eindhoven to experience Isa's baptizm............before I got transferred.
UUUURCH.  What?  Yep.  Got the call.
Looks like I'm off to Turnhout, Belgium.
I will be serving with Elder Leach.  
Honestly, I can't say I'm particularly excited to leave Eindhoven, or Elder Kunz.  But the work must go on!
Elder Kunz is getting two new companions, Elder Roemer and Elder Taylor.
Elder Taylor's brother ordered my books.  Isa is planning on ordering my books too!
Who knew that being on a mission would be such a "promoting" experience?
Anydoodle, super awesome.
Next time I write, I'll been in the land of chocolate, bad roads and waffles.
Tot Volgende Keer,
Elder Burgess

  (excerpt from Sister Brubaker's blog)

As President Brubaker and I walked into the church in Rotterdam, words cannot describe the overwhelming feeling that came over us, as we felt the love we have for every missionary in our mission.  They were all together for the 1st time in 2 1/2 years!
Elder Burgess's work station

l-r Elders Burton, Burgess, Andrews, Stoddard, Mower, Sisters Palenikova, Stout!
Evan's MTC gang

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