Monday, 21 May 2012

"I want to be baptized."

I guess I should reciprocate that tiny email you sent me.
The end.
No, just kidding.
This week, not going to lie, was probably the worst on my mission numerically.
I won't say how much we got, but we were justified in our lower numbers.  Don't you worry.  We weren't slacking off or anything, we just simply had a lot to do--just not anything that would boost our numbers.  Psh, what are numbers anyway?  We had Zone Conference on Friday.  We took the train all the way to Antwerpen, which, might I say, is quite a different place.  The train station, which is literally four levels of trains stacked atop each other, is stunning and beautiful.  Then you walk outside.  Then, you take a tram.  Blech to both.  But nothing negative, right?
Anyway, President Brubaker interviewed everybody and gave a speech about leaving something behind for the Lord.  It was very interesting.  Probably the last time I'll be interviewed by President.  Also, probably his last Zone Conference.  Crazy.  He is pretty much gone.
We didn't get home that day until 8.
Then, on Saturday, we helped Harry van de Sande move.  We thought it was going to be a couple-hour activity, but nope.  It took the entire day as well.  That guy has almost as many books as the (old) library back home!  We managed to fit it all inside his new, 2-room apartment.  I have to say though, his new house is perfect for him.  He didn't need 3 flights of stairs like he did in his old house.  Now he lives closer and it will be far cheaper than before for him.  I feel so sorry for that guy sometimes though.  He does so much and has such a big heart--but doesn't have much financially.  He's got €5 to his name right now.  Poor Harry.  Man is he going to be blessed when he is called home.
I got your (Easter) package by the way.  Holy man, I am impressed.  That much candy in such a tiny package!  Thanks!  I'll be swimming in chocolate for the next year.
Ooo, I bought a new tie.  I love it.  Plus I picked it up for 5 euro.  Pretty thrifty, eh?
Which reminds me.  My watch battery died today.  We swung by Media Market and I bought a new one, as well as a flash drive card converter.  I'm going to back up all my pictures, in case the card I will send shortly gets lost.  Thought it was a good idea.  But!  A camera caught my eyeball in the store.  It was a Nikon Sharpshoot (or something similar), with 16megapixels, full 1080p video, 10X zoom and a few other gizmo's for €150.  I'm thinking about buying it...  For all that, it's certainly a good price...I think.  Elder Kunz was saying Nikon makes good cameras too.  I spotted a similar one, but made by Canon.  Think I should go for it?  The quality of the pictures would literally be double that of my current camera.  Well, everything is double actually...  But if the pictures I send are good, I don't think I'll bother.  I guess we'll have to wait for 2 weeks and see.  Either way, let me know.  I hope I can find it again...
Ooo, and something awesome happened this week.  Isa phoned us and said she had a surprise for us.  Mmm?  Surprise?  We met at the church (with a joint teach of course) and she whipped out a Book of Mormon and set it down on the table, opened to 2 Nephi 31.  That's when Nephi explains why Christ was baptized.  Gasp.
I pretty much got it at once, but I didn't say anything.  She went on, saying that she felt like she'd been blaming everything on her mother.  She looked at me and asked if I understood.  Certainly, but I wanted her to say it.
"I want to be baptized."
How cool is that?
Isa put her faith in the Lord by coming to church.  Now, she's trusting him more and taking that big step.  Baptism.  I'm super excited for her!  We're going to work out the date next week.
Also, it was Elder Kunz's birthday on the 19th.  Woo!  Happy birthday, him.
Buuut, that's it for this week.
Love yah lots!
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

The Wonderful Antwerp Zone
back row l-r  Elders Mohrman, McCarlie, Jones, Mower, Schwartz, Schow, McDaniel, Mathis, Burgess
middle row l-r  Elders Sanderson, Stanley, Nish, Taylor, Douglas, Kunz
front row l-r  Elders Merrill, Leach, Zusters Nielsen, Herring and Elder Andrews
We do it right in Antwerp..........we have fun doing missionary work!

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