Monday, 7 May 2012

I, Eldercus Maxiburgimus hereby close my epistle

So yeah.  14 emails in my inbox.  All of them HUGE...all of them HUGE.  I have like, 2 minutes to write this now.
BUUUUT woe is me.
SO.  I bet you're curious.  Transfers?  Some craziness is going down this transfer.  Not all of which I'm sure about right now.  What I know for sursies is that Elder Andrews is leaving.  Wuh-gone.  He's going to Hengelo, leaving dear old Elder Kunz and I in Eindhoven alone.  Many people suggested leaving a 3-man in Eindhoven, but it was not destined to be, apparently.  But whammy.  Breda, (the sister city) is becoming an Elder city, which means Sister Palenikova will be gone, instead replaced by--gasp--Elder Mower.  Say wha?  That's right, Elder Mower (my MTC comp) is going to be in my district.  How awesome.
So yes.  Koningenin dag.  Whuh.  What a day.  Brett might have liked it, but it was not quite to my taste.  Seriously.  Picture a crazy party, with drugs and loud music and smoking and people EVERYWHERE.  Now picture it citywide.  Whoa.  It was absolutely crazy, but still kind of fun.  Everybody wears orange and carries a beer in their hand.  The orange part was kind of fun.  Also, they have garage sales in the street.  Okay, neat, "let's take a look" when SUDDENLY, we turn a corner and are thrust into the middle of a mosh pit.  They had concerts all over the city, with live bands and speakers as big as a car.  Pumping and shaking the foundations of every building within 3 blocks.  How didn't we notice?  No idea.  But we were thrown waist-deep into one of those.  So worried I was going to get beer all over me.  We finally wormed our way through of party goers--only to find a different concert.  We smooshed through four or five before we finally made our way out.  Nutzo.
ooo, this week I was sick too.  Cool, eh?  I was getting all sniffly and coughy from all the dust stuff a'floating through our apartment.  It only got worse and then I was pretty much sick.  All achy and sore and bleh.  Luckily though, the Saldens were working on our house, so I was able to stay home and recuperate.  It was pretty strange not doing work, I'll tell you.  My companions were super good with it too.  I stayed home and just slept.  It really helped.
But I also discovered that when you are sick as a missionary, people gush over you.  It's like having 6 moms.  The Saldens, the Everton's, our members the Van Emples...  Man.  I need a bag to carry all the medicine they gave me.  But I discovered something awesome.  2 spoon fulls of apple cider vinegar warmed up with water, with 2 tablespoons of honey is a miracle cure for sore throats.  Wow.  Write that one down, she's a keeper!
So cool news and bad news.  Apparently, our investigator Peter came to church last week. If you remember, somebody turned him away because he didn't have a tie on.  Well, last week the same person said the same thing.  How absolutely frustrating.  The Bishop made an announcement about it and everything and it happened again.  So Peter is pretty much never coming back.  GOSHDANG.
But on the bright side, ISA CAME TO CHURCH.  Whew!  She's the one who's mother is absolutely tegen de kerk.  If she catches Isa coming to church she's going to explode or something, I don't know.  But finally Isa worked up enough curaugegage to come to church!  It was so awesome.  I practically jumped for joy when I saw her walk in.  She had a great experience too.  Members came up to her and said hi, and sooo many people remembered her.  Elder Andrews caught her crying during the last hymn too.  Aw, so awesome.
Oh, and tell Jacob "happy birthday".  I hope the twerp is doing well. 
I'm really excited for Jeremy too!  I hope he likes that tie I got him.  Sorry I wrote down your name, Daddy-O, I don't know Jeremy's address.  Nice tie though, eh?  I thought it was a riot stuffing that thing in a small envelope.  How weird.
Oooo, I also forgot to mention...
our apartment is still under repair, but it is a lot better than it was.  My room is nearly completed--the floor is all put in.  Lament.  I have to admit though, it looks very nice.  I feel sorry for poor Elder Andrews, who has to pack up in all the disorderliness.  Won't be easy.  Hopefully it will be done in the volgende week.
Also, Elder Andrews just phoned his new companion.  Turns out the guy has an issue with his tailbone, and can't bike.  Also, they have no car.  Apparently, they spend over 100 Euro in bus tickets.  Elder Andrews just had a rage moment...
Aaaanyway, I've just about exhausted my time.
Therefore, I Eldercus Maxiburgimus hereby close my epistle.
Live long and eat hearty!
Uh, I mean...
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess.

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