Monday, 14 January 2013

Wham, family baptized

I don't have much time to email today...
Elder Rosendaal can't get a computer pass because of legality complications, so we're sharing one computer between three people (because this internet cafe really sucks).  That means 20 minutes per person.  Plus my fingers are cold.  Gyar!
So Where do I start.  I suppose with Elder Rosendaal.  He's super eager to learn and apply his knowledge.  There are still some MTC and pre-MTC kinks to work out, but he's a fantastic guy.  He loves Dragon Ball Z and Star Wars.  We're going to get a lot done, I can tell.  Plus he jumped right into 4 baptisms.  Woo!
And yes, the 4 baptisms went through.  It was awesome.  All the friction was worked out between everybody and the baptism itself went very smoothly.  It was interesting because Carla, who was baptized, did probably more work than we did.  She made all these broodjes (sandwiches) for the baptism and soup and delicious deserts.  This may be strange to say, but these baptisms were surprisingly easy.  Sure, we put in our time teaching and working out some things, but otherwise, the ward as well as the people being baptized did most of the work.  Wham, family baptized.  Where's the next?
Unfortunately, William couldn't make it to church this Sunday.  His car died right as he got in to go.  Bummer.  Dang ol Satan knew just how to stop him.  We phoned him and he told us that he'll take the bus or train next Sunday if that's what it takes.  So far, (as far as I know) there has been no solution to his financial problems, though several ideas have been proposed by members.  We'll see.
We had a touch of snow over the week too.  Just a touch.  The temperature dropped below the negatives for the first time in a long time.  Brr.  I've got MORE THAN ENOUGH WARM CLOTHING though, so it's bearable.
Elder Mower has been called to Lelystad as well!  I'm very excited for him.  I showed him some pictures and told him some horror stories of the place.  Apparently, Elder Shoemaker's bike was set on fire on New Year's Eve.
Anydoodle, that's about all the time I have, unfortunately.  I have to also email the mission President.
K, love yah, bye.
Tot volgende keer (until next time),
Elder Burgess

 Pannie kooken.  Elder Burgess and Elder Rosendaal.  Elder Burgess will be training Elder Rosendaal and both will be working in Leuven, Belgium.

 Elder Cundick, Elder Mower (Elder Mower will be a third companion with Elder Burgess and Elder Rosendaal until transfers on January 16)

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