Monday, 21 January 2013

My poor fingers are confused

That's funny that you said kaput in your email.  It must be a Dutch word--Kapot.  Anyway.
I guess one important thing to mention is that I found a typewriter.  It is the coolest thing ever.  It's incredibly intricate and makes the coolest sound.  Unfortunately, it's the French style keyboard and a lot of letters are switched around.  I used it like crazy this week and now everything is mixed up now.  My poor fingers are confused.  Forgive them!
Anydoodle, The Stroobonts were confirmed this Sunday!  It's official, they are members.  Wham.  We had a family home evening with them too, which was a lot of fun.  We shared the golden rule lesson with them, and they enjoyed it.
Unfortune struck this week, however, and we spent a lot of time indoors.  Elder Rozendaal had been complaining about having stomach pains for 2 or 3 days and I ignored him, figuring it was just some silly Greenie complaint--until he threw up.  Ooops, that caught my attention real fast.  So that very same day, I made the decision that we should stay home, out of the cold.  We have about 10 centimetres of snow.  Elder Rozendaal was very upset with me--he's a good ole chap and just wants to do the work of the Lord.  I wouldn't let him.  It took him a while, but he realized it's for his better.  We ended up staying home Friday through Sunday.  There was some up-chucking, stomach pains, headaches, and other unpleasantries along the way but at least today he's healthy enough to go outside.  I, on the other hand feel great.  Hmm.
The biggest triumph this week I'd say came when we visited Willy.  Elder Christensen, our district leader, came all the way from Turnhout with Elder Farmer, his companion.  Elder C and I went with a member while Elder F stayed and "babysat" Elder Rozendaal.  Oh man, what an appointment it was.  I can sum it up simply by saying that Willy has a testimony!  No joke.  At one point, he told us--while putting a hand to his heart--that his soul feels warm everytime he talks with us, even on the phone.  He said he gets the same feeling when he reads the Book of Mormon.  He feels comforted, that everything will turn out well in the future.  He's finding peace and happiness in the Lord, despite his problems.  And actually, a person gave him a letter the other day saying that he's now fully certified as a mechanic.  His boss and him are going to work out a contract for him.  I thought my heart would nearly blow up during that lesson.  The Spirit was very tangible while we were there.  Also, Willy is now bestest friends with our joint teach, Br. Verschuuren.  Br V mentioned something about being sincere with investigating the church, and Willy stood up with a big grin and they exchanged the coolest African handshake ever.  They switched numbers too.
There are still some things he needs to figure out before he fully accepts baptism, but he's more than well on his way.  I just really hope I can stay here for his baptism.  Love Willy!
Oh, also I got some fantastic letters this week!  I got a sweet package from the Thompson's--it came just in time too, that Lego kept me sane for 3 days!--as well as a letter from Preston, Kaffee and the Hillsman's.  Nothing is cooler than getting a letter from your bestest friends (and a package from your aunt, of course).  Thank you guys!
I learnt a lot about Elder Rozendaal this week too.  He's a swell chap, with a great desire to serve the Lord and improve himself.  He's got a ear for the Spirit too.  He does everything for everybody too.  What a guy. I guess I failed to mention how I met him in Almere.  Well, I actually met him long ago.  I met him first at Mission Conference, all those many moons ago.  Then, he brought us pizza once in Almere.  I met him again on the train one day when we were off to Lelystad--but that time he was dressed up as Zwarte Piet, along with a whole army of other Zwarte Piets (Black Piet's)  Also, he filled our mailbox with pepernotenhttp , little cookies that get thrown everywhere during Kerst (Christmas).  To this day, as far as I know, those cookies are still there.  Yech.
Ah yes, how could I forget.  We got about a zillion referrals to Brussels in the last few weeks.  We finally decided to jump on them and took a trip to Brussels--because half of it is in our area or something, I don't know.  Anyway, the first referral turned out to be a family.  It was interesting, because they hadn't actually ordered anything or requested a visit, but had met the missionaries almost a year ago.  How their name turned up again, I can only guess.  They're super awesome too.  A single, older mother with 4 teenage children.  Her son has the coolest Flemish accent.  We're going back there on Thursday, so we'll see where that goes.  She has the belief that there is no one true church, but that following Jesus teachings is good enough.  A good Priesthood lesson should clear some things up.
Then we got lost for a while in the big, thrumming beehive of Brussels.  The place is huge, seriously.  After a while, we finally found our second referral--to somebody who works at the Ghana embassy.  Oh?  Yeah, when we arrived, the place was a tennis court.  Oh.  We gave the referral to the French elders in Brussels, so we'll see what happens there as well.
Otherwise, more than half the people we've met with are students and unavailable until February. Dangit.  Oh, and as for that letter I sent, you must have misspelled a lot of things, because you wrote it differently than I did.  Daarom zo veel fouten (why so many errors)?
Dear old Elder Mower is gone.  I'm curious if I'll be gone by the end of this transfer too.  Does the Curse care if I'm training?  Only time will tell.
Thanks for your prayers and support.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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