Monday, 16 April 2012


Hey, how´s everyone and stuff?  Another week gone by!  Whoo!
So yeah, Sister Luit.  Well...   She talks a million miles an hour and doesn't wait for you to process what she´s actually saying.  Difficult for me because my Dutch is not good as it could be.  I mentioned to her that we had a yard with grass and she asked if we had horses on it.  Uh, no.  I mentioned that we had two dogs and she asked me if we bred them.  Uh, no.  Her house is a wreck and she thinks her neighbours are out to get her--coming inside her house and placing things there.  I seriously think she may be a little mentally unstable.  She has locks on all the doors and won´t go outside unless somebody is left inside to watch her house--so the neighbours won´t place more things...
Yeah, it´s hard to describe her fully.  But we have another appointment with her this week.  Gulp.  I guess I´ll have more to say about her then.
So, as far as investigators go though...
Ardette kinda stopped.  Because of work and stress and health, she decided she wants to put off meeting with us until may.  Daggit.  We haven´t seen her in two weeks.  Bummer.
We haven´t seen Meheret in a while either.  Not sure what´s happening there.  She went to Amsterdam or Utrecht for the weekend (African people love travelling on the weekends) and we haven´t seen her since.
Have I told you about Anatole?  French guy I´ve only ever seen once?  Anydoodle, we had this awesome plan to go pick the guy up and bring him to church, but he wasn´t home when we went there!   He´s got a huge nasty tree in his front yard.  I took a sweet picture.  Where was I.......turns out he´s in France.  What?  Gee whiz
On a plus side, we were able to meet with Suzanne this week.  She´s a 17 year old girl with flaming red hair.  She´s very interested in the church because she´s got a close friend who is a member.  She wants to get baptized, but her mother is keeping her back.  Sound familiar?  Nevertheless, we shared a lesson in her house with her mother there.  Her case is different than Isa´s (whose parents are slightly crazy).  Her mother is just concerned for her daughter.  The feeling I got was that her mother just doesn´t want her daughter joining a church that would bring her sadness.  I see it, I get it.  Suzanne is planning to get baptized in October.  She came to testimony meeting as well.  I think she had a good experience--her friend bore her testimony and everything.
Wham, and good news with Isa.  We met her!  Yay!  I know what she looks like now!  We watched Legacy with her at the church.  Then Friday night she sent us a text that said "I think I´m coming to church this Sunday"  Whoo!  She said she had opened her Book of Mormon somewhere in Mosiah 13.  It says basically to trust in the lord and he will deliver you from all your worries.  Could it be more applicable?  Nope.  Unfortunately, she got super sick the day before or the day of, so she couldn´t make it.  Got a concussion from falling off her bike I believe.  Jammer.  Still, it was a cool experience to see how the scriptures had hit somebody like that.  Fingers crossed that she´s healthy for next week.
Elder Andrews did something crazy the other night.  The guy falls asleep faster than you can believe--but now I realize how fast that really is.  We were talking about stickers (because they´re everywhere and we had picked a few that day) and he said something along the lines of "all those stickers are made--"
Then, nothing.
"Uh, what?"
Still, nothing.
"Elder?  Are you dead?"
Then, he responded, "Huh? what?  What happened?"
.  How strange is that?  I can totally see falling asleep if somebody else is talking, but falling asleep MID-SENTENCE?!  Super strange.  It wasn´t like he drifted to sleep either.  Bam, gone.  Lights out.  We laughed about that for a long time.
We´ve got the temple day tomorrow!  I´m super excited.  It sounds like it´s going to be a ton of fun.  Not sure how it´s all working out yet, but I´ll let you know next week.
Hey, tell Jaeden I´m super stoked for him still.  Halifax.  Dang.  What a cool place.  It was cool to hear that Chris is out of the MTC this week.  I hope he has a great experience the first transfer.  That´s so great to hear about everybody out in the field.  Keep it up Vernon ward! 
Hey, I´ve been thinking a lot about Braden lately too.  I pray for him often and fasted for him too.  I don´t know what more to say.  Just let him know he´s very important to me.
And thanks a zillion for getting me Dan´s address and Marissa´s email.  You are the greatest.  And I got your T-shirt too!  WHOO!  My companions are super jealous.
Anyway, gotta skidaddly.  We´ve got big plans for today.  BIG plans.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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