Monday, 9 April 2012

Fishy, slimy. Raw. Fishy......with onions.

Soooo many questions.
Let me draw an analogy for you.  Picture a great pile of sand.  Then, that pile of sand swells over and squishes you.  Now, imagine each grain of sand is a question.  Wham.
Kidding though. 
Another great week in great Eindhoven.  Every day is like another party with my two companions.  I have decided that Elder Andrews reminds me a lot of Jeremy.  He´s a total goofball, but serious where it really counts.  Elder Kunz is like Kalvin, I think, though not quite as ´cool´.  Just carefree if not a bit oblivious.  hmm, what?  I think one problem we have might be getting along too well.  We´re always laughing and we get distracted really easily--we totally ate ice cream today.  Mmm.  The truck drove past and we all ran out, screaming after it.  Mmm, ice cream.
Oh, and let me say right now how proud/excited I am to hear about Jadeaadaeadan´s mission call.  That´s super awesome!  Halifax?  How sweet!  That´s one place I´ve honestly always wanted to visit.  I hear it´s super beautiful and they speak a crazy dialect there.  What the!  I´m super proud that he took the step to go on a mission.  I´m sure he´ll have a great time.  I´m glad Clarah is enjoying her mission too.
I can honestly say, I don´t regret coming out here one bit--best decision ever.  The best advice I can give is to just stick through.  The first transfer and a bit are kind of rough--new land, new language, new companions, new lifestyle entirely.  But I´ve just grown to love it.  I feel like I´ve grown so much in so many ways.  Yeah, it´s rough, but it´s totally worth it.  It get´s better, I promise.
And as for our new Mission President, I keep hearing he´s Canadian.  Represent.  Time to get more of the red and white onto the field.  Whoop!  But otherwise, that´s about it.
But yeah, things that have happened this week.  I´ll address that first.  This week. 
We went on splits with Harry a few times.  Using full advantage of his...Dutch-ness.  He´s so straightforward with people, it´s great. 
ALSO, I had raw herring.  Uh, ew, oh.  That´s right.  Fishy, slimy.  Raw.  Fishy.  With onions.  And slimy.  It was...not bad actually.  The first initial SWOOSH of flavour is a bit overwhelming.  It is seriously the most fishy fish taste you´ve ever tasted, times two.  All gooey too.  Bleh.  But if you eat it with some diced onions, it´s actually kinda tasty.  I got some great pictures.  I´ll have to send you them eventually for suresies.  Nom, nom, fish. 
Another strange note, I bought some razors and shaving cream.  I hate shaving.  In any form.  It hurts my neck and SUCKS.  But I think shaving with razors might actually be better--doesn´t hurt as much actually.  Shaves closer too.  Mmm.
So this weekend was interesting.  We sang in church on Sunday--wh-what?  That´s right.  The missionaries, Harry, Niels and a few sisters all sang "hij is uit de dood verrezen", which is he ´He is Risen' in English.  It turned out very well actually, especially considering how much practise we had....not much.  Turns out I can almost hold a tune.  Whoa.
Also, all the stores closed early Saturday evening and all were closed Monday during the day.  We stayed inside the apartment all day, it was awesome.  I got a lot of writing done today.
We gotta go soon, so I´ll try and give a quick synopsis re our investigators.
Isa is interesting.  I´ve never actually seen her because her parents are so tegen (against) the church.  She believes it´s true as far as I know and she really wants to come and all the above, but they check her every Sunday to make sure she isn´t going and all this crazy stuff.  Her car and house are partially owned by them, so she´s worried if they get upset with her because she´s meeting with us, she´ll lose her stuff.  She´s 26 now, so I don´t get what the deal is...  We try to contact her every day at least to see how it´s going with her.  She´s super funny too.  I sent her a text the other day...  It was supposed to say, hey dawg, what´s up?  How´s your reading?  ect, ect.  But I accidentally just sent 'hey dawg'.  Later, when we asked her what she thought, she said she almost peed herself laughing.  Aha, awesome.  Then, later, I talked with her and ended by saying 'hey dawg, see you later'.  I thought she was going to almost pee again.  She finds it hilarious for some reason.  she said 'you can´t say that unless you´re black!'  I countered with 'How do you know  that I´m not black?'  Silence - remember she has never met me.  'Yeah, you´re not black!'  Funny person.
We´re also meeting with Ardette, a Curisau lady.  She´s probably our most positive investigator right now.  She reads in the Book of Mormon and prays and even takes notes during our lessons, but her biggest problem right now is not coming to church.  She told us she would this Sunday, but totally didn´t.  It was interesting though, because we had 3 other people show up who we totally weren´t expecting.  Fine by us.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom too, and she´s trying to quit smoking now.  Thumbs up!
We also have Meheret, who is very interested, but can´t decide if she needs to be baptised again.  She´s very keen on figuring it out--she even fasted to find her answer.  She thought she had one, but we had a quick lesson and explained that she needs to read the Book of Mormon to figure out if it is actually true--which she hadn´t been doing.  If you´ve ever watched the Preach my Gospel DVD sections, it was just like the one with Jynx.  Craziness.
Also, we have Peter.  Someone told him he had to wear a tie to come to sacrament, so that set him back.  Still, we alleviated the problem and it seems like he´s interested in coming again.
As for Eindhoven itself  I was thinking there is something very different about it.  Then it hit me.  There are next to no canals here!  In Leiden, they´re everywhere.  I´ve only seen one big one and that´s about it.  Also, Phillips is everywhere.  Oh and lots of  fields, I mean big sprawling fields filled with grass and horses.  Hmm.
I have no time, but remind me to tell you of Sister Luit next week..
Well, tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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