Monday, 5 March 2012

Your home??!!

Woo!  It's difficult for me to believe that you guys are done your Egypt trip already.  It seems like I pretty much blinked and you were done.  Hot diggety, does missionary life pass by that fast?  Dang.  I haven't got your letter yet, but I can tell you guys had a blast.  I'm really glad you did!  We'll have to swap pictures someday--a million years from now.  And speaking of pictures, did you get my memory card that I sent?
That's crazy what happened with that guy in church.  I was wondering about something similar this week--why people go so far out of their way to disclaim a religion.  It seems like a great waste of effort.  I can understand if you feel negatively towards something, or if somebody wronged you in the church, but going up at the front of a meeting and yelling stuff.  Psh, why bother?  Or producing anti-stuff against a church?  Psh.  I say psh.
Then I think, Satan.  That jerk.  Anyway...
Brett works at a Coffee Shop?  Hmm...  Has he been reading my emails?  Have my stories of Amsterdam been getting to him?  There's about a million coffee shops h'everywhere in the Netherlands.  The first few days, I wondered why it said coffee shop, but nobody was drinking coffee.  Yep.  I figured it out...
So...This week.
First off, Antoine dropped us.  Yeah.  That hit hard.  What with his church getting approved, he told us he won't have time to meet with us anymore.  I always had a feeling Antoine was interested more in the financial side of our church.  It's upsetting, but Antoine said he still wants to keep in contact--a phone call or visit now and then.  We'll see though.
AH.  Before I go on, we got an interesting call this week.  I think it was Tuesday?  Dunno.  ANYDOODLE, we were having studies like usual when we got an unusual call from President.  Elder Mortenson picked up.  "Hey, Elder, this is going to be your shortest transfer yet!"  Uh, what?  Huh?  What happened?  "You and your companion are getting transferred!"  Ah!  "...To Leiden ward!"
Yep.  We were in Wassenaar before, now we're in Leiden.  Goodbye Wassenaar families.  Goodbye English.  This week was a bit scrambled with that change.  We've had to switch over a whole bunch of things-including most of our investigators.  Things are still a bit hectic.  Also, to make the change smoother, the office Elders and us attended both services on Sunday.  Wuh...  And it was also fast Sunday.  GUH.  But it actually wasn't so bad.  I wasn't hungry until right before dinner and I payed (paid?)  attention for most of it.  Strange.  But I did learn something about fasting this week (ensuing spiritual though).  I was reading in the scriptures and it said after the Nephites had a bit war, they fasted and prayed in thanksgiving.  Hmm.  I've never looked at fasting in that light.  In thanksgiving.  Elder Jones read the same thing this week and voiced it in Sunday school.  Something to think about.
BUT, back to this week.  Also, we had exchanges.  Of sorts...  There was a District Leader meeting/party thing (I don't know).  So Elder Calkins (our DL right now) had to go to that, leaving me paired with Elder Roemer, who was the group after us.  He's a funny guy.  Super goofy and kind of...clued out I guess.  He reminds me a lot of Collin Lodder (Mr. Cornchips).  He turned out to be a great influence actually.  We did a total of 3 hours of contacting that day, him and I.  And we tore it up!  For some reason, I felt motivated with him and we talked to h'everyone!  We even gave out 4 books of Mormon or something.  And got a potential investigator (who talks forever).  It was a really building experience for me.  Plus, I realized how truly good my Dutch is getting.  Whew!
So yeah.  We picked up another Baptismal date this week.  A woman by the name of Abla.  We got her from a sheet of names giving to us by another Elder.  The only information about her that was written down was "she is Togo looking".  Gee whizz, informative.  Long story short, she actually is Togo and is super strong in her Faith in God.  She's really searching for the truth too. 
Also, Khalid is super awesome still.  We might have to move his baptism to a later week though, because of the switch-up issues and other problems (nothing to do with him though).  But he's totally going to get baptised.  STOKED.
Yeah, so this morning.  Chilling about like usual when WHEEEWWWP.  They have these alarms that go off in case the dikes break.  And let me say, if that did happen, about 80% of the Netherlands would be underwater--including us.  So yeah.  Alarms started blaring.  Super loud.  Super ominous.  Super loud.  Scary business.  I caught it on film as well.  Luckily, it was just a practise.  Oh ho ho, I would have felt silly filming that if it wasn't a practise.  You know, instead of running away like you're supposed to...  Joke would have been on me!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEREMY.  I didn't get him anything...  But I'll send you guys some stuff eventually.  We don't get very much time to do anything besides missionary work, so it makes getting stuff and sending stuff very difficult.
Say hi to the girlies and Marylin and Warren and Jeremia and EVERYBODY.
Whoa.  What's going to happen when Jeremy's 55?  55, born on march 5, 5:55.  BLACK HOLE.  Somebody, don't let him be 55!
Anydoodle, have a great time.  I keep you all in my prayers!
Ik houd van jullie.
tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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