Monday, 19 March 2012

Coincidence? I don't think so. Chicken? Definitely.

Well, I tried to read your emails, but they were too huge and I'm short of time today.  I finally got around to fixing my bike, which took a big amount of time. Elder Mortenson is being really strange about his bike.  It's broken, so he has to get another, but he just won't.  Elder Mortenson likes to do things his way.  And something that way isn't biking.  Yeah.  I hate the bus.  But he phoned some people to try and get himself a bike (a week before transfers).  Oh well. 
So the rumours are spreading...  Elder Mortenson might be training next transfer, which means I might be leaving little ol' Leiden.  Aw!  I love this place...  And our investigators.
Oh yeah!  Our investigators.
Viola!  She's doing great.  We had a couple lessons during the week and she was just beaming when we walked in.  Just...bright.  It was awesome to see.  The Gospel is really changing her life--and she can totally feel it.  She said she just felt good and that she had a great week.  She even told our joint teach that she was excited to come to church again!  After two weeks, she's starting to fit in too.  Less stiff, gave input in our lessons--even signed up on the dinner calender this week!  Her children love church too.  Wow.  I'm so excited--and truly bless--to be able to work with Viola.
Bad news with Khalid though--whoa now, hold your horses, it's not that bad.  President Sterri (Branch President) isn't going to be here this coming weekend, and next it General Conference, so he's going to have to wait 2 or so more weeks.  Sjonge jonge.  He's super positive though.  He wants President Sterri to baptise him because he's the man that introduced him to the gospel in the first place.  Khalid is going to get baptised, I know it.  Things just keep getting in the way though.
Gabriel is as gold as gold gets.  We shared the message of the restoration with him, watched the video and gave him his own Book of Mormon and he just outright accepted it.  He can't get enough.  He said afterwards, (there's no quotation button on this keyboard) 'guys, I totally believe it, 100%'  Wow.  He's really receptive to the spirit too.  He's a great guy.
WHOA.  Guess what I did today?  Barbecued.  Whamdiddely.  That's right, champ.  We've got a babycue, and I gebruikt het.  Used the crap outta it, WHAM.  Bought some crazy burger thing with bacon on it.  Still have no idea what kind of meat that w--BUT that doesn't matter.  I cooked it over a fire and ate it.  Tasted  delicous.  Mmm.  Bought a kaizer bunbread and some lettuce and yum.  Barbecue.  How many other missionaries get to say they barbecued for lunch--2 feet away from a canal?  Not many.  That's how many.
Trying to think of other exciting things I did...  Ho hum.  This email seems a bit short...
Hey, I'm excited to hear about all the shinanigans that're happening in the ward.  What with h'everybody going on missions all of the sudden.  What the what happened?  What about all the younger generatie, like Chris and Westle and...those other people?  What about Braden?  How's Braden doing?  Tell him I said hoi.
I'm glad Dad and Julia are getting along so well.  Little skiing buddies, oh them. 
Oh hey, so you mentioned that you had the Elders over the other night and you said you had nobody to refer to them.  I was thinking about that a bit...  Elder Klippel (the new office elder) said something interesting to me the other night.  He said a lot of the time, members may have somebody in mind to share the gospel with, but they're hesitant to do so because they figure the person has to be "golden" for anything to come out of it.  Yeah, that doesn't really happen.  If you have somebody in mind, just go ahead and refer them!  It's not like your friends are going to hate to for trying to share something important!  So that got me thinking...  How about the Coopers?  I thought about it a lot actually.  I think they're a family who could have some interest.  After being such good friends with Preston, I'm sure they'd like to hear more.  It's important to understand, we want to share our message because of love.  Not some statistic.  We have something great in our life, and we simply want you to experience the same thing--because we love and care for you.
You don't have to include the Cooper's name in that last paragraph, but please include it in my blog or however you distribute it.  And do me a favour and visit the Coopers or send the Elders by or something.  Tell them I said goodemiddag.  Tell them I sent them.
That would be a huge favour.  I'm always thinking of my friends and family and how awesome all you guys are!  Camping, chilling around, killing zombies...  Ah, simply awesome.
It's strange.  Sometimes, I think my Dutch is pretty good.  Other times (insert farty noise here).
I think back to the time I was with Elder Roemer...  We just got out there and got it done.  I haven't been able to speak Dutch so well, or even share a message the same as that day.  The Spirit was strong with us that day.  It is a tangible thing.  Sometimes though, and I've found this with myself especially, it takes hours or even days later to notice what difference it has truly made.
One quick example, and yes, it is very silly...
We were walking to an appointment and we were at a point where we could go one of two directions.  Psh, not a big deal, they both lead to the same place.  But I spotted a chicken to the right.  Oh ho ho, a chicken!  "Let's go this way."  There may have been something more to it.  Maybe not.  But then, I had a prompting to talk to a guy sitting on a bench.  So we did.
Turns out, he's super interested.
Turns out, we're meeting with him this week.
Coincidence?  I don't think so.  Chicken?  Definitely.
You can have that for free.
Anydoodle, that's my shindig for the week.  Read it, like it, love it.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

The Hague Zone is the largest zone in the mission they have 27 Elders and Sisters and 3 senior couples serving in this zone.
Zone March 15th 2012 Hayden is so darling he has his Green tie on. 
Missionaries form Amsterdam! 

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