Monday, 26 December 2011

Vrolijk Kerst!

Merry Christmas!  Secret surprise email, ho!
Man oh man, it's totally Christmas day!  I miss you guys all so much, I hope you don't miss me too much.
Thank you so much for all the gifts!  You're all so thoughtful!  Those Buckyballs are the most entertaining/addicting thing ever.  I didn't even know you knew I was interested in them!  Thanks so much!  Uncle Ted and Aunt Rosemary, thanks for your gifts as well, and the other Burgess family, thank you too!  I loved your poem and the pictures you sent.  Uncle Dave, that's one doozy of a fish, 35 pounds?  Holy Moses!  Though, I think I hold the Burgess record for the biggest fish still.....even if it's a sturgeon.  When you catch a fish that's over 8 feet long and weighs 150lbs I think you deserve the title.  One day you might beat that.  Probably not soon though.  It's great to hear that Kavlin is preparing for a mission.  Let me know the moment he gets his call!  I'm eagerly awaiting. 
Man, that ping-pong paddle, play-doh replacement me is so funny.  I laughed pretty hard at that.  I found Travis in the line for Christmas lunch and asked him about it.  Fun times.  That replacement cat is super cute too.  I can't wait to meet her.  I hope you're still giving the old cat attention too.  Sometimes, even old things still require some loving.  Just look at Brett.  Heyyo!  Kidding. I?
Man, your gifts are so great!  Did I mention that?  I never realized how important pictures were to me before this Chistmas.  Honestly, the thing I was most stoked about were those photos.  I'm glad I can show off my family.  Out of all the things we have,  I think it's almost always appropriate to show off how great of a family you have.  And with a family this great, why not let the world know, eh?  Thanks for the pictures, everyone.  I'm glad I have a photo of every pet of the Thompson family too.  I think... 
This computer is ridiculous right now.  It freezes about every 2 seconds, so I can't see what I'm typing.  Luckily, it will still register what I'm typing, but it's super frustrating not being able to see what you're typing--or more importantly, the mistakes you're making.  I apologize.
Did you guys get some good loot this year?  What did Mom get?  Did she take it back?  What did Mia and Jeremy get each other?  What could Brett afford to get you guys?  I guess I'll have to wait until the mail room is back open to find out.  Don't hesitate to send emails, especially when I'm in the Netherlands.  It'll be far easier than sending letters.  What did you guys do for Christmas?  Where was Christmas dinner?  Who all came?  Did you do anything exciting with the ward?  Ah!  I want to know so much!
I can't believe I'm gone in less than a week!  Isn't that unbelievable!  I have so much candy that I still have to eat.  More than before, in fact.  Yeah, I just finished that huge bag of corn nuts when WHAMO I get another huge back of munchy deliciousness.  I'm sorry to say, I might have to leave some of my goodies behind.  Sorry guys, I'm only human.  I can only digest so much.
Speaking of digestion--and what an awful segway--Elder Burton has been feeling super sick lately.  Our instructo even told him to go back to the slaapzaal to rest for the day.  He's toughing through it like a champ, but a person can only take so much.  I hope he's good enough to fly out.  To make things worse, the doctor is closed for a few days, so he can't go there for remedy.  I hope he gets well soon.  Instead of praying for me this week, please pray for him.  He needs it more right now.
How was Christmas without me?  You know, it was definitely a different experience, but I don't really feel homesick.  I'm sorry if that makes you sad in any way.  I miss you all for sure, but I don't really feel any nag for home, you know?  It feels like I'm surrounded by family here, and the love is just as strong.  One Christmas in the MTC is all I need though, guaranteed.  Can't wait to celebrate it with you guys once again.
You know the only good thing about this computer freezing is the fact that everytime it freezes, so does the timer.  I've been typing for about 20 minutes now and it only registers 10.
Anyway, I'm hope you guys aren't sad that I didn't get any of you presents.  I don't think anybody wanted MTC shirts or American candy, sorry.  Maybe when I get to Belgium, or the Netherlands I'll send something home.  I hope it's not too expensive.  Besides chocolate, what would you like?  I'll try and find the most European/Netherlandic thing and ship that sucker back home.  We'll see.
So today, we had the priviledge of hearing from Elder Bednar, of the 12.  He's a great speaker.  He spoke for an hour and a half and I took a page of notes--somehow though, I can't remember anything off the top of my head.  I'm still the same guy you know.  We also heard a presentation from the motab choir.  It was excellent.  Did you hear it as well?  I highly recommend it.  It should be somewhere on the website.  Take a look.
Last night we watched the Christmas Carol movie or whatever it's called.  The Charles Dickens one.  Bah, humbug.  It was a great movie, though not as good as the Muppets one.  Still, it was awesome to watch a movie.  They gave us popcorn as well.  I mentioned it briefly before, but we had our Christmas dinner at lunch today.  Turkey, smash potatoes and stuffing.  Not nearly as good as home, but better than the regular menu.  Tonight we get to have sack dinners.  Yay. I'm just glad the workers get to celebrate Christmas with their families.  The workers are great people.
What else should I say?  I've got 15 whole minutes left.  Gee whizz.
I'm glad I can be an example to those youngins' back home.  Start preparing for your mission now, that's my most important piece of advice.  I felt so unprepared--like I had to learn the things everybody already knew.  Read the manual, get to love the scriptures.  Do everything you can.  I guarantee it will improve your MTC experience.
I've got to go now.  Maybe I'll have time to squeeze some in later, but for now....
Merry Christmas to you all!
Love yah lots,
Elder Burgess

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