Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Last letter from the MTC....hopefully!!

Hey, didn't I just write you guys?  Huh-ho, I think I did.  Craziness, this is probably my last email in the MTC, unless they surprise us by letting us write another before we leave.  Just think, the next time you'll hear from me will be over the phone.  What is a phone, anyway? 
As you may know, I got my itinerary last week.  It goes as follows:
On Monday we leave at 4 in the morning, fly out from Salt Lake to Dallas, then from 11:55-4:45 we're in the Dallas airport.  Wait, what's that?  A 5 hour layover?  Sweet goodness.  No worries about making time now, eh?
Then we fly to Heathrow and land at 7:30.  Haven't done the math yet, but that's the overnight flight.  Mmm, should be loads of fun.  After that, it's a brisk hour en a half layover between Heathrow and our flight to the Netherlands.  I'll let you know where I get sent from there, of course.  I doubt we'll take anymore flights in the Netherlands/Belgium.  It takes something like 2 hours to get from one end of the country to the other.  Needless to say, I'm going to waarschijnlijk be tired when we arrive.  I'm curious to see what the first thing we'll do when we get there is.  I'm going to make it my goal to get a waffle at least once a week.  Oh yes, and proselyte and stuff.
So apparently they're having great success over there.  I'm not sure whether our mission or Europe specifically, but someone was saying that the baptisms are aplenty.  It's because of the younger generation.  They're sticking less to their ingrained cultures and religious believes (devout Catholics and the like) and are more open to hear the word.  I'm excited for that!  I'm not expecting so much success numerically, but hoping to do the Lord proud.  That's all that matters, right?  Where's that one scripture where it says that even if you bring one soul to Christ, great will be the joy?  Ik weet het niet, maar het is belangrijk, ja?
It was awesome hearing about your Christmas celebrations.  Man, our dumb cat (the black one) is so boring.  Where'd we get her, anyway?  Who chose hey?  Probably a dummy.......ME!!!  HA!!
So Elder Burton left the campus to see the doctor on Tuesday.  I don't think he's got anything specific; he's just sick.  But, he did have to...ahem...participate in "Magic Tuesday" again.  Poor him. 
I'm glad you're getting Dad off his butt.  Sounds like he needs some exercise.  Work off that flab!  Grapje
I am so excited to finally be leaving here.  The MTC has been a fun experience, can only take so much of hotdogs, fries and hamburgers.  Real food, real people, mmm.  Can't wait.  I want to just lose myself in the culture and work.  I'm sure these next two years will be a blast.  Before you guys know it, I'll be back home again, speaking Dutch and toting chocolate.  I hope you are still moderately the same.  Go ahead with your life--I expect nothing else--but stay the same people you are.  Keep your chin up, that's all you can do.
We heard from William R Walker last night.  He gave a great talk (they're all great, aren't they?) about ten things you can do to improve your time as a missionary.  He brought up some excellent points.  Two which I've already mentioned: losing yourself and loving the people.  And another.  Stay cheery!  That one got me especially.  That's what you always told me to do.  If we go and love the people and are excited about what we have to share, I'm positive they'll be far more excited to hear about it.  If you went up to somebody and said "Oh hey, yeah...  I've got this orange.  It's pretty great.... I s'pose.  Want some?" they'd probably refuse.  Psh, it's just an orange, whatever.  But if you went up and were super stoked, "HOLY MAN, this orange is totally delicious.  You'll never have any sweeter!"  Now that's intriguing.  Right?  Makes sense to me anyway.
Aha, I never heard of that Hugo movie you went to.  Has it been that long already?  Oh my gosh.
I'm glad Jeremy enjoyed the shirt I made him.  Sorry I didn't get anybody else anything.  And speaking of gifts, the Goeders gave me a $100 cheque.  THANK YOU!!  I have no idea how to cash it, so I'm sending it home in a letter.  Whamo, you're going to get a letter.  Be excited.
Speaking of letters--did I mention this already?--it'll be far more practical for people to just email once I'm over there.  mailto:     Letters would still be nice, but I doubt it will take any less than two weeks to get there.  Heck, I sent a letter and it took 2 weeks until...the person whom I sent it to replied. 
Thanks for all your letters, by the way, and your support.  You are all the greatest!
I'm definitely going to miss our District when we finally get there.  We've got such a fantastic District.  You hear all the stories from other Districts and it sometimes shocking really.  Everyone in ours gets along, we keep our humour appropriate and don't insult each other or stuff like that.  And Elder Mower is the best.  I hope I'll get a companion as good as him.  I doubt it's even possible to get any better.
But, we'll see I guess.
Zombies, by the way.
I just glanced at Elder Mower's screen.  His title of his email is "yarrr, Mateys".  Oh my gosh.  He is hilarious.
It might be too late to send photos in the mail.  I might just wait until I have access to a real computer and just email them to you when I get there.  Is that possible.  By golly, I sure hope so.
I finished the Book of Mormon just the other day.  I started it the...1st or 2nd week we were here.  Pretty good, eh?  I think it almost took me a year to read it the first time.  It was great reading through it again.  I feel as though I've learned so much!  About the stories, the characters, the doctrine.  It's got to be the only book that you can read through literally hundreds of times and get something new each time.  But you have to be looking!  And praying.  Something to think about.
Ik zal jullie in de Netherland zien.  Eh?  De volgende keer ik zal jullie schrieven, ik zal waffle eten.  Ooo, en chocolade ook!  Leker.
Did I tell you that this is the only mission where you're encouraged not to wear a bike helmet?  Isn't that weird?  I heard it's because people will throw things at you if you do.  Hey, I'm not complaining, but it's kind of strange.  I hear when you come back as well, all your suits reek like pot.  There's something to look forward to.  Go to hug me and all you get is a noseful of stink.  Mmm.  I'll probably buy a new suit over there if it comes to that.  You can get them relatively cheap, no?
By the way, some words to remember.  Leker--tasty (more versatile than our word).  Leuk--cool.  Geweldig--awesome.  Uitsteken--fantastic.  Jammer--pity/unfortunate.  Sjonge jonge--oh boy (negatively).  There, expand your Dutch vocabulary.  Impress your friends!  Sound cool.  Graag gedaan--you're welcome.  It's geweldig when somebody speaking a pretty language like French or Spanish says "gracias, Elder!", and you reply with GRAAG.  *flem*-raa-*flem*.
Anydoodles, see you guys later!  To Holland I go!
As always, love yah all.
and don't have too much fun without me.
jullie geliefdste, Elder Burgess.

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