Monday, 13 May 2013

My mother is indeed unlike other mothers.‏

It's really interesting that you mentioned "poking the dragon." That indeed is a Dutch expression.  "De Draak niet steken." Nou.
Also, this email will probably be a bit shorter because I've already discussed most of these things via Skype with my parents.  Sorry everybody else...
Yes.  I skyped.  I skyped home.  I have to say (en eerlijk is eerlijk) I think Brett's hairdo is...  What's a right word?  I don't like it.  We'll leave it like that.
I actually really enjoyed speaking with Elly.  She's matured a lot more since I last saw her.  Taller and her voice has changed.  I had a good laugh because she has to endure another 3 years of horrible teenage-angstified high school.  Elder Mower would always say that preteens/young teenagers were the most awkward of God's creations.  Then we'd pause to watch a group of them walk down the street trying to be cool.  Indeed.
As far as missionary work goes, we've been contacting a bit more this week than usual.  We had a lot of appointments not made or fall through.  A bit disappointing, but all you can do is shake it off and keep moving forwards.  On the bright side, we came across a certain Jurgen.  We talked to him on the street, but he was hurrying off to catch a bus or a train and told us to come by later.  We snagged his address and off he went.
So the next day or perhaps the day later (basically the same thing now), we strolled by and knocked on the door.  He didn't answer.  We turned to leave but I spotted somebody and Bam, I had to go talk to them.  We had an interesting conversation.  She admitted to us that she was bisexual and she loved...intimacy too much to blah blah blah.  Weird.  Anyway, our friend Jurgen spotted her through his window and came downstairs. We had an interesting joint conversation then after giving her a pamphlet, she went on her way.  Right then, we asked if we could share our message with Jurgen and he agreed.
He's a super cool guy who's only been here for a couple months.  He's from Brabont, so he's got a thick southern accent and sometimes hard to understand.  He's had a rough life and is just searching for peace and rest in his life.  We promised him blessings like wild and in the end, he agreed to set a date for June 21.  I've got high hopes for Jurgen.
Also, Anite Boutee is doing very well stopping smoking.  She still smokes, but when we come over, there are no cigarettes in sight and she certainly doesn't smoke in front of us.  Still, her house is permeated with smoke enough that I have to change my shirts when I get home--as they reek.  Meh.  Comes with the job I suppose.  
Also, old faithful died this week.  Yep, my bike died.  His hips finally gave out.  Arthritis got to him.  I have to get myself a new steed now.  Hmph.  I'm going to see if I can sell what's left of my old steed as meat (parts) and get something that's a bit younger and sprier.  I don't think I'll be able to get a mustang breed like my old bike.  Racefiets for cheap are super hard to come by.  Sigh.
Referring to the title, I gave a talk this Sunday about my mother--on mother's day!  It was about how strict Mom was concerning us, and how in the end, though we didn't see it before, it was actually for our own good.  I compared that with God and how he sets boundaries for us to walk within, so that indeed we will remain safe.  Nobody really said if they enjoyed it or not, but I thought it was pretty well done.  There were a few snickers here and there.  Mission accomplished.
Well diddely dee.  I have to go find me a steed.
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

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