Monday, 1 October 2012

een streek uitgehaald met iemand‏

"A stripe extracted with somebody"
Or dubble translated
"To play a prank"
So we were inspired by Dad's hilarious prank and decided to play some of our own.  It started simple; I put shampoo on Elder Andrew's toothbrush.  Unfortunately, he noticed.  "why's there green slime on my brush?  Who slimed my toothbrush?"  Dang.  Then, I tried salting it.  He washed it off unknowingly before actually brushing.  Dang.  Then, a stroke of genius.
We took some plastic wrap and with a Q-tip, pushed it into Elder Andrew's thing of toothpaste, making a cavity.  Then, we filled that cavity with hand lotion and put the cap back on.  The joke was nearly ruined when Elder Andrews squeezed the lotion out--part of the plastic went with it!  Luckily, Elder Pimentel--without knowing--helped us out by saying that it was just part of the new tube of toothpaste that had come loose.  Elder Andrews then brushed his teeth with hand lotion!  There was a lot of screaming involved.  Oh man was it funny.  I nearly busted a gut. Or maybe two.
But he got his revenge.
The next morning, while I was in the shower, Elder Andrew's poured Mexican spices all over my towel...  I tried to dry off but got a faceful of Mexican spices instead.  All over my hair too.  I had to shower twice!
We're still thinking of a good way to get him back.
Oh yes, and spiritual matters!  Unfortunately, Joyce was anti-ed.  She talked to her friend, who evidently told her that LDS are evil people or something, weet ik veel (I do not know).  But the Almere Elders have her address and they'll look her up in a few weeks.  Who knows what could happen.
On a better note though, Caraline came to church!  It was super cool.  We had arrange to pick her up on Sunday (she lives near the church), but then when we called her, she said an appointment had come up at 11:00. I was choked that she wouldn't come, but she surprised me by saying she still wanted to attend the first hour.  She even brought her 8-year old daughter along--who reminds me of Julia, but darker-skinned.  Lots of members said hello and she said she wants to come back next week.  Yay!
Sentina Spaans also came to church.  I don't know if I've mentioned her, but she's got a date to be baptized.  She self-referred herself after she had a fallout with her last church and was inspired by a friend who had lived with LDS members in America.  She really enjoyed the service.  She's super positive too.  She almost knows everything already.
There was another one of those don't-judge-a-book-by-its-cover moments again the other day.  At a JoVo activity (YSA - young single adults), Jesse showed up.  Jesse looks like the kind of guy that will knock your lights out if you say something wrong.  Really reminds me of Joey actually--but Dutch.  He's changed his life around, turned away from a lot of terrible things.  Apparently, he has actually punched some people in the face...  Ooo.  Friendly, friendly guy though.  He's not quite ready to accept the gospel, but we're going to do some service with him on Thursday.  I'm sure with time, he'll see the truth.
Overall, it was a great week.  Our investigators are doing very well.  Also the members.  We met with a less-active member and she really opened up to us.  We set some goals and plans with her and she jumped right on board.  We're teaching her mother as well, an adorable 82-year-old British lady with a high voice. 
Things are rolling pretty well in Lelystad.
Also, no package yet.  I'll probably get it when we visit the temple--just around the road!
Thanks for the letters from er'body.  I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I got a package from Sister Smith and primary.  Thanks a zillion!
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

Almere/Amsterdam District training ~ September 25, 2012
 Elder Andrews and Elder Pimentel (Evan's roommates)
 Elder Burgess, Elder Ellis (Evan's born and raised Austrian buddy), Elder Shoemaker, Elder Hansen holding down the Elder Shoemaker's signature 'thumps up' sign.

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