Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another week gone!

Sooo because of various shenanigans I am writing very late this evening. 
Aaaand also because of said shenanigans and lateness, I didn't have much time to read many of your letters.
I'm going to print them off and read them latah, sorry.
Ah, another week gone and past...and gone.  It's so strange.  Elder Moscon said to me yesterday "Oh man, we're getting our transfer call on Sunday."  Wham.  Hit me like a ton of bricks.  This transfer flew by.  Craziness.
OH, thank you so much for the T-shirt by the way!  It might be my new favourite ever.  It is PERFECT.  Typewriter?  Crows?  AH!  I'm trying to get a typewriter, but I can't find anywhere to get one.  It would speed up my letter-writing by ten-fold! 
Yes, this week.  We had an appointment with Tina and Prince this week.  (Tina was formerly Asamoah, until we discovered her real name).  It was a good lesson--they made us African food afterwards.  This delicious fried rice with finely-diced vegetables and chicken.  There was a homemade spicy sauce  - daarbij that bit back if you put too much in your mouth.  I guess I shouldn't complain considering where Chris and Travis are serving...  I thoroughly enjoyed it that evening, but not the following morning.  I now know what Brother Kane was saying about Montezuma revenge.  Gosh.  It was super miserable.  I'll spare you the details.
We ate out for lunch every day this week.  What were we thinking?  We had some donars, kebabs and a Bicky Burger, which is super Belgian.  It's this mystery-meat, mystery-sauce, mystery-cooked-onion burger.  It's an artery-clogger for suresies, but sure tastes good.  Also, I'm convinced Belgian fries are the best in the world.  Met Joppie sauce daarop ook.  Mmm, lekker (Joppie sauce with them also - uhmm, tasty).
We met with Rosario this week.  He had come to church last Sunday.  We retaught the Restoration.  He really is a cool guy--searching for an answer.  We had lost contact because he had a big project with his house that sucked away a lot of his time, but we are jump-starting his investigation once again.
There was a huge family-picnic-day in Herentals on Saturday.  It was a Stake-wide thing, so many members from Eindhoven were there.  It was cool to see them again.  We got to also meet some of the investigators in our district.  Did we tell you about Paul?  We found him during exchanges, but unfortunately, he lives just outside our area.  He came to the picnic day and I got to hear a bit more of his background.  The story goes, he was living in Liberia when things started heating up, so he decided to flee.  Him and a bunch of other refugees were on a boat sailing to Europe when a mighty tempest stirred.  The ship started sinking as it was tossed between the waves and the Muslim people on board began praying.  The boat started sinking more!  Paul quickly advised everyone to pray to Jesus, then started doing so himself.  The boat came up a bit.  The rest of the people soon followed along and the boat came entirely up and it arrived more or less safely to its destination.  Paul committed himself to Jesus thereon afterwards.  Then we found him!  He hasn't been baptised yet either.  I'm jealous that Leuven gets to teach him instead of us, but nevertheless thankful that I was there when we found him.
Soooo we went to Leuven today.  We wanted to go bowling to celebrate Elder Goethals birthday, but both bowling allies in town were closed.  So we wandered through a huge market that happened to be all over the city.  We missed our bus--which is why we're writing emails late--and decided to wander some more while we waited.  As we were turning to head back, one of the women in the stalls stopped to talk to us.  Long story short, she told us she was looking for our church, but couldn't find it in Belgian.  We gladly exchanged info and passed her along to the Sisters in Antwerpen, where she lives.  Had we caught the original bus, we wouldn't have found her.  God works in mysterious ways.
Also, I chatted with used-video game seller, and mentioned that I owned a particular game.  He said that had I had it right then and there, he would have bought it straight-up for 150 Euros.  I didn't pay near that much.  He was a super cool guy.  He told us all about himself, how he had been a homeless guy and how he had worked his way out of poverty.  Very interesting.  Despite one of the first things he mentioned to us (after he realized we were missionaries, he said he couldn't be saved), I gave him a card as a token of our friendship.  You never know right?  Bewp, seed planted.
We had another great lesson with Frank.  We used silence really well; let him think about things.  He really opened up too--told us about how he had a dream where he was meeting with missionaries before.  He's not sure whether that was an answer or not, but we directed him to a few chapters that we think will help.  He wants an answer and he believes, he just needs to act now.  It's really up to him.
Good week indeed.
Also, I found a new bike.  I'll send a picture. I found it at the station.  It's been spraypainted over and the rear tire was pretty much shredded.  It was probably stolen and then abandoned.  It's pretty old too, actually.  I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but for now it's super fun. I haven't actually ridden it yet either...
le gasp!  I now know what my bike's name is:  Peppi.
Well, k, bye
Tot volgende keer, Elder Burgess
Joppiesaus recipe
Servings: 4
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1//2 - 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 1/3 onion, finely chopped
  • 2/3 teaspoon curry powder
  • a pinch of paprika
  • salt , pepper

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