Monday, 6 August 2012

A big difference this week

Looks like the summer's a-fleeing.  Goodbye smelting sun and hallo rain and clouds.
This week was super good.  I'm very thankful for the good thoughts, fasting and prayers of the ward.  There really has been a big difference this week. Now I know why!
I'll start this week with Elder Moscon.  He's a super cool guy.  Really easy going and eager to learn the area. Him and I laugh a lot about goofy things--no stress between us.
It really makes a difference if you can laugh and get along smoothly with a companion.  Something I think helps is to not be upset about the little things.  Just let them go--what does it matter anyway?
I think him and I will get along quite well.  We're at a pretty even level for everything.  Language, teaching, contacting.  I'm excited because when 'level's' are more balanced, it feels like both of you can progress better.  Make sense?
He's from Idaho and short.  
On Tuesday Nathalie came to dinner at family Peeters (the Branch President).  She was quiet, but she seemed to enjoy the food and company.  They made this super-delicious ice cream/fresh-blended strawberry/slagroom (whip cream)/chocolate stick desert thing.  I almost melted with deliciousness.  Mmm.  So good.  Nathalie seems to be coming along well.  She is very shy, so it's difficult to read her thoughts.  She actually came to church on Sunday (again thanks to the Branch President) which was awesome.  We taught Gospel Principles with 5 or so members there, so it didn't seem like we were interrogating her.  The lesson was about God.  At one point, the teacher asked Nathalie if she believed in God.  She gave an answer along the lines of that she believed that there is something there.  But she did say that she wants to believe.  That's good!  It starts with a desire.  I think we're going to slow down with her teaching process--really focus on obtaining that strong belief in God before we continue.
Ah yes, the family from Bonaire.  So we sat down with them, with Br Arts as our Joint teach.  All 4 of the teenagers were present too--super cool.  But we hit a bit of a snag.  She is Baha'i (I've never heard of it either).  What Baha'i people believe is that every religion came from one central source, and all religious reformers are chosen of God.  Thus, all religions are correct.  It's a very...hard-to-grasp concept.  Basically, they believe their religion is the one truth, and that every other religion is simply part of their truth.  It makes it difficult because (and she said this directly to us), if she receives a witness that the Book of Mormon is true, she'll simply add that to her 'library'.  Hmm...  I'm very curious how this is going to roll out.  Still stoked to meet with them more.  Plus, the entire family is interested!
We had another cool experience this week.  We belled a few houses near one of our investigators and a Ghanaian lady let us in.  She wanted us to come in right then and there, but we couldn't without a third man.  ANYWAY, we came back when her husband was home.  She's a typical Ghanaian lady--super-strong belief in Christ and an avid member of her church.  He's another matter.  He is a man screaming for the Gospel.  His first question was "Is it better to go to church, or stay home and worship God?"  It exploded from there...  Essentially, this man, Antony, thinks that God loves white people and not black people.  He compares Afrikan people to European people, in the way that European people are highly atheist but live in great conditions and Afrikan people are highly religious, but live in poverty.  It is a very difficult subject--and I can't blame him for thinking how he does.  He also believes strongly that revelation, prophecy and miracles have stopped.  It was a super intense meeting.  I think Elder Moscon and I handled it very well actually.  We taught out of the scriptures for almost every concern he had and testified as much as we could.  His heart softened a little, but it's still so hard.  He can benefit so much from the gospel, but he doesn't realize it yet.  I hope and pray we can help him see.  We committed him to read the Book of Mormon.  He seems like the type that will...
Numbers were good this week.  
Mmm, and we made a flan tart.  It was super delicious and interesting.  You make this batter and stick it in a pan, without making a crust, and it makes itself a crust and a top, with custard in the middle.  I'll have to send you the recipe--it's super simple.
Also, Broeder and Zuster Germann were sealed in the Zoetermeer Temple yesterday.  For time and eternity.  How cool.  They were absolutely glowing too.  He's a convert of a year.  Young and happy couple.
So Elder Leach was a picker.  He found all sorts of treasures on the ground.  It seems I have picked it up from him.  Being with him taught me that bolts are extremely useful when you're fixing up a bike.  So now I picked them up, claiming them as "treasures".  Elder Moscon finds this both strange and amusing.  Thought you'd enjoy knowing that I'm still me.
I really enjoy Chris's letters by the way.  They're simple, to the point, but packed with goodness.  It's cool to hear his miracles too.  Keep sending them!
Thank you Bro Whibley Sr for your testimony and message.  We strife everyday to obey the mission rules.
Well, until I think of more, 
Tot volgende keer,
Elder Burgess

100g flour
125g sugar
2 packettes of vanilla sugar (I don't know if that exists in Canada)
3 eggs
1/2 litre full milk
mix the regular sugar and the egg yolks a few minutes until you have a creamy...mix.
"mingle", or mix the vanilla sugar with sift flower.
Add, while continually mixing, the milk.
Finally, add the beaten egg whites to the mix.
Butter the cakepan and sprinkle it lightly with flour.  Pour the "fluffly" mixture into the cakepan.  A bottom is not needed - recipe makes it's own.
Bake for around 60 minutes.
Eat it to death.
And there you have it.  Relatively simple, but extremely delicious.  Make sure the egg whites are beaten fluffly.
Try it.  I dares ye.

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